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  1. The Big Reveal

    October 23, 2014 by Suzi

    Welcome to the Big Reveal

    I enjoy reading author interviews, but often times they don’t ask the kinds
    of questions I wonder about. So I’ve assembled a group of writers at
    all levels, from un-agented to published, and every week I will
    have a new question for them.

    Do you many story ideas sitting in your mind waiting to be written
    or do you only think of one story at a time?


    Rebecca Barrow
    I have a lot of ideas floating around, some more formed than others. I have ideas that will probably never get written because there isn’t the time for all of them. I do focus more on one at a time and then work on that one once it’s more solid in my mind.


    Chad Morris
    I have files with a lot of ideas. I think I have about seven that are my favorites about now I’ll have to decide between them.


    Shelly Brown
    I love a good shiny new idea but I’ve learned to write myself notes and keep plugging away on my current WIP until it’s November. When it’s November I get to chose between many fun stories searching out the one that I think will sell or the one I just HAVE TO write. Everything else has to wait.

    Crystal Collier
    Shall I turn out my story folder? I have at least one epic story dream a month, and find myself contemplating circumstantial possibilities even more often. I actually quit recording all my story ideas because as it is, not all of the 40 or so waiting to be written will probably ever happen. That said, once I start seriously drafting, I get tunnel vision.



    Jessica Salyer
    I have a notebook with me all the time for this exact reason. An idea will pop into my head and I’ll jot it down in my book. I think I have about 6 or 7 ideas in it right now. Some will get written and some never will. Then when I’m ready to start something new, whatever is speaking to me loudest gets written.

    Madeline Mora-Summonte
    Ideas come to me all the time but they usually only come in snippets – a few lines of dialogue or description, a character’s name, a feeling, etc. It’s not usually much to go on right then, so I jot the snippets down and put them away for another time. Sometimes, though, the idea is more fully formed and clamors to be worked on right away…

    Do you many story ideas waiting to be written?

  2. (Never) Again Giveaway

    October 22, 2014 by Suzi

    Just recently was the first year anniversary of (Never) Again, by my good friend Theresa Paolo, and to celebrate her publisher is giving away 5 copies. FIVE!

    Enter below for your chance to win! (*You have to be a member of NetGalley in order to win. If you’re not, sign up is free and super easy.)” rel=”nofollow”>a Rafflecopter giveaway

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