1.1 Mil And Counting (or What I’ve Been Writing)

So what have I written, you might ask. Lots of stuff, I would answer.

I started writing in January 2010 and the words come quite easily. Up until then, I didn’t know what to write about but I had these characters in my head and started getting their story down. One led to another then another… Those were all contemporary adult, as opposed to what I’m concentrating on now, which is young adult.

To date, I’ve written over 1,100,000 words. That’s in eighteen stories. I can’t claim they’re all great, but I must have something in there that could be published.

Seven are contemporary fiction (for adults). The rest are contemporary young adult.

Of the twelve young adult…

One is 98% complete, last minute editing (Frosty)

Three are 100% complete, not including editing

Four are maybe 90-95% complete (I just have to add minor stories to develop characters better. I have those ideas, just need to find the time to write.)

Two are at maybe 75% complete (I have the stories again, just not the time to finish yet.)

One is 65% complete (Put on hold long ago because of lack of enthusiasm and other ideas that popped up.)

I am working on one more now that is probably 60% complete and I have no doubt that I have enough material to finish it out.

I haven’t had to deal with writer’s block much. Sometimes I have to think a little more about the minor
storylines, but eventually it comes. Luckily, it’s been fairly easy.

So that’s where I’m at right now. My problem is, which do I pick next. I need to figure this out so I can get going with the editing so that if Frosty doesn’t work, I’ll have the next one ready to go when I decide to stop querying.

And that editing process takes a long time.

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