What’s A Beta Reader

I’d never heard of the term beta reader until just recently, even though I guess I had them. They are people who read a manuscript to offer comments before publishing. So anyone who has read any of my work and has offered comments and/or proofread, would be a beta reader.

Of the people who have read my work… Some just read. Some offer basic comments. Some have helped immensely with suggestions on how to make it better. Like I said in the previous post, it’s great to have those people who are willing to spend their time editing and proofing.

Anyways, that’s the stage I’m at with one of my stories. Soon I will be checking with some people to see if they’d be interested and available to read and offer comments. After going through the editing with Frosty, I have specific questions to ask. But any comments/suggestions are welcome.

Look to the menus at the top for the tab for Stranded. It’s young adult, but is a little less heavy than Frosty. A little cleaner too, so could easily go into a younger audience.

This is the status of everything else.

Frosty: I had been doing some more editing and am almost finished. In a few weeks, I will start querying again with a much improved manuscript and query letter.

I am also writing another story, a paranormal ya. I wasn’t trying to jump from contemporary to paranormal, but the idea came. And really I consider it light paranormal because the focus is not that the main character is a ghost, but the changes she goes through after becoming one.

So check out the tab for Stranded to see what it’s about. And if you’re really good an analyzing books and you’re interested in helping, let me know.

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