There are organizations out there for just about anyone and anything. Currently I am a member of two professional organizations, National Association of Women in Construction and National Society of Professional Engineers. (Our local chapter being called FM Engineers) They are great organizations, but with the two kids and Cory’s odd work schedule, it’s hard to participate much in them.

But now I have just become a member of SCBWI. Every heard of it?

Society of Children’s Books Writers & Illustrators. According to their website, they are a professional organization that “acts as a network for the exchange of knowledge between writers, illustrators, editors… (many others listed)… and others involved with literature for young people.”

They have discussion boards, a bi-monthly magazine and other publications which offer information on writing and publishing and more. It looks like they offer grants and have several well known annual awards.

They also offer two big conferences every year. One in NY one in LA. It would be fun to go to one as they get big time writers/publishers/agents. Plus I’ve never been to NY, so it’d be a great reason to go!

I thought it would be a good idea to join, even though the local group (covering the Dakotas) isn’t very active. It looks like a great source of information and I look forward to finding out more about what they do.