On Saturday, I got to watch Lincoln be a (fully dressed) goalie for the first time. In the locker room (where they stuff several teams into a tiny space), one of the coaches from another team asked if I was ready. I assume he meant ready to watch my son as a goalie. Which is probably nerve-wracking for parents of goalies.

But really, this is a first year mite, the pressure is not all that high. They score like ten-twenty goals per game.

What was nerve-wracking was that right after I got his leg pads on, I realized he didn’t have his breezers. And it was almost time to go. Luckily another coach (each team has like 4 coaches) was just sitting there and he helped me get the leg pads off and on a second time, assuring me that he too had once forgotten to put the breezers on his son.

If this does not sound like a big deal, you have never put goalie leg pads on in a rush. On Tuesday, Lincoln’s coach showed me what to do so this was my first time assembling the goalie gear on my own.

Many parents say they don’t want their kids to be goalies because of the cost of all the gear. Or the pressure on the goalie. I think it’s cause putting on the pads is the biggest pain in the butt.

This is what you have to do to make sure you keep the leg pads on.

One strap runs through the skate and you have to buckle it.
One set of laces (yes, shoe laces) wraps around the blade and you have to tie it.
Two Velcro straps stretch across the leg.
Two straps with buckles are pulled tight on the lower leg.
Two straps with plastic buckles go across the thigh.

Multiply all this by two, because a goalie has two legs. From the front, goalie pads look all cool. From the back, they’re a nightmare.

Then you have the chest protection, which also runs all the way down their arms. The neck piece. His helmet. Skates (put on before the leg pads). And breezers (put on before skates.) Two gigantic, odd-shaped gloves and a stick. No wonder they walk funny.

Although Lincoln enjoyed being a goalie, I don’t think he has any long range plans for continuing on. (YEA!!!) He still prefers left wing. I do too because then I can watch him score goals.

What does this have to do with writing? Not much. Although I can say that someday it’d be interesting to write a story revolving around hockey. Maybe a girl middle grade story. Or a girl who plays on a boys team because there is no girls teams. The ideas are already swimming in my head, but unfortunately I don’t have the time to work on it now. I’ll just have to write them down in my little notebook and one day I might get to it.