Pogo-sticking In December-how Unusual

In early December, when I was critiquing somebody’s manuscript, I had a question for her about the weather in the story. Although she never gave a specific location, it wasn’t anywhere close to here—I knew that because of the weather.

I asked her if the weather in her story could happen, high spring temperatures in a place that gets (albeit rarely) snow. I qualified that I didn’t know because up here we have 6 months of winter and I’ve never lived anywhere else.

And if we’re really lucky and snow comes in October, you could say seven.

Of course, until just this weekend, it hasn’t felt like winter because we’ve had no snow. I cannot remember one Christmas with no snow and this one was weird.

Coulee ice

Some of the unusual things.

Seeing motorcycles driving down the street.

No sledding. (Usually no sledding is because of minus 10 degrees with 30 mph winds)

Skating on the coulee without having to shovel snow.

Also, being able to see in the frozen ice. (Usually it’s cloudy)

Going for long walks without worry about falling on your butt.

Pogo sticking in the driveway. (No slippery ice)

When I suggested to my mom that Lincoln might like a pogo stick, I figured he could use it in the garage since it’s not really pogo stick season around here. But he’s gotten to use it outside many times already.

Warmer temperatures are nice, but the kids miss the snow. At least we have some now and I’m sure much more is on the way–we’ve still got four months of winter left after all.

Happy New Year to everybody.