Dedicated To Who

School conferences were this week (which went well by the way.) That means the PTA Scholastic book fair. Of course, they let the kids look ahead of time and send home the list with the exactl location of the book(s) they want. (And it’s always books). Lincoln had two he picked and I told him we’d get one.

Lincoln likes books, but he prefers to be read to than reading himself. So when he said he wanted a chapter book, I agreed to buy him two books—one was a chapter book, one was not.

The next day he brought the book to me and said, “I don’t want this book because it belongs to somebody else.”

Huh? It’s a brand new book.

“Yeah, it’s some girl’s book.”

I asked why he said that, thinking a girl had written her name in the book. He opened it up to the page that said, “For Jessica.”

I had to laugh. Then I showed him a few of my books and explained what the dedication was. He understood and readily accepted the book back.

It got me thinking about the book dedications. I often wonder who those people are and why that author chose them. I’ve known for a while who I’ll dedicate my first book to but after that, I don’t have it figured out.

Do other writers agonize over whom to choose? Especially with the first book. And what happens when you get to book number thirty? Is it hard then to figure it out then?

This is a great question to ask other writers. In a few weeks, I’m starting something new, tentatively called The Big Reveal. I have a group of writers from all levels: aspiring to to pre-published to published. Every week I will ask them a question about writing because it’s fun to learn about how other writers work and think. 

So watch for that.

My other fun news is this. I’m participating in two contests. This past week is my first time participating in my first Secret Agent Contest on The Authoress’ blog Miss Snark’s First Victim. You post your first page (250 words) and others can comment. Then a mystery agent reviews the entries  and decides from whom to request sample pages. He/she also gives a comment on each entry. My entry is #25.

The other contest I’m excited about is the Cupid’s Literary Connection contest. It started a few weeks ago and I made it to the second round with the agents, which starts tomorrow.

It’s too much for me to explain how it works, so click on the link above to find out. Last week was the time for others to comment on the query and first page. But this week is only for the agents. My entry is #40.

Wish me luck.

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  1. Ella

    You are having fun! And that’s good. To whom: Alan and I never have a problem–we always dedicate the books to each other as though we know no one else! He is on book #20 now and I haven’t seen the dedication, but I can guess–it will be the same as the previous 19 with different wording! Funny about Lincoln!

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