The Itch Is Back

The itch is back—luckily a good one.

Lately I’ve wanted to jump back into writing again, specifically my new WIP called Chloe (that’s the working title by the way.) I started it a few weeks ago and wrote 3000 words, but then other things took over.

I haven’t queried FROSTY since December and have been making changes. I think I’m done. I hope I’m done.

I’ve also been working on WHEN THE MIST CLEARS, making updates after having two betas read it. I finished with the major changes and have been tinkering with the little things. Now I sent it off to one more person, whom I’m sure will give me a great review also. She warned me that she is a hard critiquer, so is that sad that I actually look forward to her tough review? That I want her to point out the flaws in my ms? (So I can make it better.) Does that make me a masochist?

Seriously, am I the only person who looks forward to these reviews? I might have to add that question to my list for The Big Reveal: Do you get nervous when people are critiquing your work, or do you look forward to seeing their comments.

But back to the itch. I’ve got two full pages (front and back) of notes for my WIP, plus ideas for character traits and history. This is how I do things. I get an idea and I start writing notes down. Sometimes it’s dialogue, sometimes it’s just ideas for plot lines. Over time, I learned that once I get a few pages down, that means I can probably get about 10,000 words. Once I’ve written that 10,000 words, I have other ideas that lead to other stuff and so on…

I am predominately a panster. For those who don’t know, there are two different styles of writing (with everything in between of course.)

A planner plans. (Hmmm, bet you didn’t figure that out.) They outline the whole story out before starting writing, and they follow their outline as they write. I don’t do this.

I am more of a panster. I write wherever I want. I jump from middle to end to beginning, and rarely have I ever started a story at the beginning.

So I will look at my notes and find the scene that most interests me and that’s where I’ll go.

Being a panster is probably a bit more inefficient, but that’s my way.

So now that I’m passing off WHEN THE MIST CLEARS to my beta, and now that I’m done making changes to FROSTY, I am going to try get back into writing because my mind keeps filling up with ideas that I have to get out.

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  1. I’m always tweaking or working or plowing ahead on something. I keep thinking I don’t want to be so busy, but then I end up busy.

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