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Sloppy Writing 101.07


I had been thinking of a new topic, and one jumped into my mind. So after I’d looked through my old FROSTY manuscript, I found many examples. Here they are:

-I’d had the worst caseworkers.

-She’d said whuut.

-You stole this, Brooke, and if they’d found it, I would have been arrested.

I have a problem with tenses. I wrote FROSTY in past tense, but often times I had used the past perfect tense by adding that unnecessary had in there. This is how these sentences should be written.

-I had the worst caseworkers .

-She said whuut.

-You stole this, Brooke, and if they found it, I would have been arrested.

Simple. I don’t know why I was doing it wrong for so long. From now on, I’ll avoid adding in that unnecessary had. But with all the manuscripts I’ve written, I’ll need to go back and do a search for all these: I’d, she’d, he’d, we’d, they’d

And that’s a pain in the butt. So watch your tenses and don’t do what I did.


My growing list of Sloppy Writing words

1. So
2. Going To
3. That
4. And then
5. Like vs. As
6. But, And, Or…
7. had

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  1. Rachel Schieffelbein Says:

    ‘That’ is a big one for me, and ‘just.’ I don’t know why, but it’s all over the place.

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