Oh, Those High School Dances Blog Hop

Oh, Those High School Dances Blog Hop

The rules:
1. Post pictures of your high school dances.
2. Share with us your funniest high school dance story.
3. Have a good laugh at the pictures(Okay–I added that rule)

Thank you to our hosts Kelley Kelley and Emily

This picture is from prom my sophomore year when I was fifteen. Every once in a while my mom will mention that she thought the dress was a little short, but she let me wear it. And now today when I look at the prom dresses, I think they are too short too. Of course today the dresses fall to girls’ thighs. At least mine went to my knees.

I don’t have a funny story, so instead, I’ll just tell you a little about the guy in the picture.

I went to prom with Bill, the first guy I dated. I actually attended two proms that year, which was way cool, although I was nervous about going to his. This picture was taken at my house–gotta love the 80s wallpaper and blue carpet.

But it wasn’t meant to be, as most high school relationships are not, and he started dating my best friend. They ended up getting married a few years after high school. Then they had a beautiful little girl and she was pregnant with their son when Bill was killed in a snowmobile accident at age 29.

That was about ten years ago, but sometimes it doesn’t seem that long. He will forever be missed.

So since I posted that sad story and this wasn’t supposed to be a sad thing, I will leave you with this.


This is my Miranda and as you can see she’s wearing my prom dress. I just had to post it because she is so adorably cute—which all moms are required to say of course. But she had so much fun dressing up like the little diva. I have about 20+ pictures of her having fun and doing poses. Sometimes she acts like the princess. But other times she’s racing with the boys.

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  1. LOVE your daughter in the prom dress. Adorable. And I want to see you and Angie standing next to each other and see who reflects the most. Haha.

  2. I’m sorry about Bill. It sounds like he had a great life though.

    And your daughter looks adorable! I actually have a Barbie Doll dress that looks just like this. She looks just like her 😀

  3. LOL! I really laughed hard at this one. I don’t know what happened to my dress, but I wish I had it so my daughter could wear it. Hilarious!

    I’m sorry to hear about Bill. He was so young!

  4. Love the picture of your daughter in the dress! My sister had the exact same dress her senior year, but it was green, total mermaid! And too short? I can’t even see knee caps 😉

  5. That is such a sad story 🙁 I have yet to lose a classmate but I can only imagine. Your poor friend too 🙁

    But… your daughter AND YOU are so completely adorable! 🙂

  6. Your daughter is adorable!

    I think your dress is pretty and looks so cute on your daughter. My best friend in high school wore a dress to our senior prom that was a lot like that one.

    I’m sorry to hear about your friend.

  7. That’s awesome and I love seeing Miranda in your prom dress! That just shows how tiny you are! WOW! Plus, I bet she loves playing dress up with that! 🙂

  8. Oh wow goosebumps. Such a terrible thing, but it’s always nice to have the memories.

    Your daughter is absolutely adorable!!!!

  9. Haha your daughter is adorable! And I don’t think the dress is too short….although I just barely graduated high school last year, so I’m more used to the short dresses.

  10. What an awful sad story about your date and your friend. I love that your daughter has on your prom dress. It’s great you kept it for so long!! She probably has a blast playing dress up. 😉

  11. I tell a lot of stories like that because a lot of my friends died when I was in high school. I’m sorry for your loss, that is truly heartbreaking, he was so young.

    But you’re right, your daughter is adorable 🙂 (And I’m not even a parent to say that)

  12. That is a really sad story about your prom date! 🙁 I’m glad you followed it up with that adorable pic of your daughter or I’d still be sniffling! 🙁

    I’m slowly making my bloghop rounds here. Sorry I’m so late!!

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