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Welcome to The Big Reveal.

I enjoy reading author interviews, but often times they don’t ask the kinds of questions I wonder about.  So I’ve assembled a group of writers at all levels, from unagented to published, and every week I will have a new question for them. Some of these ladies have helped me with my own work, or given me advice on blogging or writing, so check out their blogs and see what they’re about.

 Do you have any trunked novels?

Me (Suzi) Un-agented author
I have many temporarily trunked novels, since I’ve written over 1.2 million words. They are trunked solely because of time. I wrote straight for 1 ½ years before jumping into querying FROSTY. And I’ve continued to write. About 25% are contemporary adult, the rest contemporary young adult. They need tremendous work, but I love them all for different reasons and they are just waiting to be picked up again.

Joelene B. Perry, Published author
I have four or five trunked novels. Two I want to change into short stories. One I’m switching tenses in – SLOWLY. I have an LDS novel I wrote that’s too “dark” for the LDS market . . . I’m okay with this. It’s simply a patience thing in knowing (or hoping) that I’ll be inspired at the right time to fix the story enough to be marketable.

Liesl Shurtliff, Pre-published author
I have two trunked novels. One will stay trunked forever, the other…I may return to the concept at some point, but I’ll rewrite the story entirely.

Mindy McGinnis, Pre-published author
Yep. A few. I hope to return to them someday as a better writer, to make them better books.

Amy Sonnichsen, Agented author
I have two trunked novels. I may steal ideas from them someday (I especially like the setting of one), but I don’t think I’ll ever try to edit them into anything better. They are officially trunked.

Melodie Wright, Agented author
I have one MS I’ve set aside because its genre just isn’t selling right now. Someday I may take another look at it. I have several others I’ve written over the years that were great practice but just not good enough to sell.

Ryann Kerekes, Agented author
Of course I have trunked novels! What writer doesn’t?  My first novel is a definite trunk novel (of course I didn’t know that at the time I was writing it! And it would have broken my heart if someone had told me that.) At the time, I figured once I got through the editing and rewriting stages, I would eventually query that novel. Somehow, maybe through divine intervention I just kind of realized it wasn’t good enough and may never be ready or commercially viable, so I took everything I learned through writing, and rewriting that 80k novel and I wrote something completely different, which was my 2nd novel, which I did query and get an agent! I have written 6 books total, and 3 that I am proud of and want to pursue publication with and 3 that I think may stay in the hard drive. And I have absolutely no hard feelings about that. I firmly believe in the importance of trunk novels! Sounds strange, right? I think about what if I’d decided to keep working on that first novel for months, years (!?) when I could have been growing and writing something better and stronger? I believe in taking risks and starting over when necessary. Keep moving forward, and keep growing!

Ben Spendlove, Un-agented author
Oh, I have two trunked novels. The second is going to be my next project, actually. I’m going to completely redo it with the same characters and themes, but a different plot.

Cassie Mae, Un-agented author
Yes. A lot of them. And I don’t have any plans on revisiting them either, at least not right now.

Jade Hart, Un-agented author
Yes, I do I have trunked novels. My first book: CHAMELEON KEY is still very dear to me and I will be re-writing it once I’ve finished editing my current MS. I also have another MS called ELEMENTS that I need to re-write. I wrote it in 4 pov’s and it’s a bit confusing, I have to decide which character I want to write from, OR write in third person. So that is a project from another day. I also have a folder full of ideas that I would like to elaborate on when I’m next free for a new book 🙂

Stacie Stokes, Un-agented author
I have a number of unfinished stories that I eventually came to realize weren’t really marketable. I also have two WIPs that I temporarily abandoned so I could focus on my current manuscript, but I’d like to come back to them at some point in the future.

 Do you have any trunked novels?

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  1. I have one officially trunked and never to return novel, and one that was on hold for a few months. I figured out how to fix it recently (just blogged about it) and it’s going to be next up after I finish the current WiP!

  2. The only officially trunked novel (probably more novella-length) I have is the one I used in the Dust It Off Bloghop, my 19th century fictional journal about a rebellious Massachusetts girl who runs away to modern-day Idaho (Oregon Country in her era). A bunch of my books were inaccessible for a very long time, but never officially trunked. Now that I’ve finally been able to convert them and reformat them from the obsolete file formats, I’ve been excitedly editing and revising them. I’m actually thinking of going back to the trunked novel and doing a lot of reworking and expansion. I must’ve been all of 5 or 6 years old when I first created the main character, and maybe she was just meant to be if I could remember her all these years, even long after her retirement.

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