Awards Time Again

The awards are flying all over the place, as you can see. Three in one week. How cool!

Thank you to Jenny Morris for the Beautiful Blogger award,

Rachel Schieffelbein for the Kreativ Blogger Award,

and Cassie Mae for the Stylish Blogger Award.






As with these awards, you have to post a number of things about yourself, either random stuff or answer questions. So here it goes—I’m just gonna mix them all together.
Random things (I’m being lazy, so I’m piggy backing off some of Jenny’s random things.)

1. I’ve never read Pride & Prejudice.

2. I love avocados, especially in guacamole.

3. I don’t drink Mountain Dew. I had a short stint with Diet Mt. Dew, but that was because my only other choice was Pepsi-ick.

4. I’ve never been to Alaska.

5. Growing up, I wanted to be many things: writer, lawyer, and obstetrician. I went to school for engineering.

6. We had a station wagon when I was younger. The third seat could face backwards—that was way cool.

7. When I grew up, my grandma and uncle lived in a huge farmhouse. They sold the house and the new owners moved it away. The following Christmas was very different.

8. Sour cream and onion is my favorite flavor potato chips.

9. I had a retinal detachment years ago.

10. Our dog came from the Humane Society.

What’s your favorite song/singer?
Chicago is one of my favorite bands. They had a ton of great songs, but my favorite is “Remember the Feeling,” which wasn’t one of their biggest hits.

What is your favorite dessert?
Chocolate cake with ice cream.

What ticks you off?
Stupid drivers. But I don’t do much; probably just swear at them in my head.

When you’re upset, what do you do?
Want to be alone.

Which is/was your favorite pet?
Lacey is the dog we have now, that we got a few years after we got married. So she was my baby before the kids. But growing up, I had a dog Tisha, that lived until she was 17–so she was a big part of my life too.

What do you prefer, black or white?
Black. It absorbs the sun and warms me up when I’m cold.

What is your biggest fear?
Not being there for the big moments in my kids’ lives.

What is perfection?
I have no clue.

What is your guilty pleasure?
Reading too much, when I should be doing other stuff.

So I’m being lazy and skipping the other stuff you’re supposed to do. So maybe that means I can’t fully accept these awards, but to find people to pass all three on too… that’s too much.
But still thank you to Jenny, Rachel and Cassie.

4 Responses

  1. I’ve never read Pride and Prejudice, either. I am not terribly inclined to do so. I’ve always wondered what kind of slacker that makes me. 🙂 Loved the questions and your answers!

  2. I’ll forgive the Pride and Prejudice statement, only because you love avocados. 🙂 I think it should be it’s own food group.

  3. Oh… number one… Suzi… sigh…

    You’re SO much better than me. I used to be SO good with awards, and now I’m just…not.

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