Sloppy Writing 101.18

Here is another word I sometimes over use or misuse: Almost. My examples are from an early version of FROSTY.

-I almost thought I should be a travel writer, except that I didn’t like to write.
(She almost thought? She either did or didn’t. How do you almost think?)

-No wonder she took almost an hour to get ready.
(Really? Why don’t I say just an hour? Or forty-five minutes if I want it to be less. But if it’s fifty, might as well round up. Let’s make this easy and just go with an hour.)

-One day you’re talking to me and I almost think we’re friends.
(Again with the almost thinking.)

-I smacked him in the middle of his back and he stood up, his face almost purple.
(Almost purple? What does that mean? Pearly, mardi gras, blue violet, fuchsia, plum, violet, wisteria… these are all Crayola color crayon names by the way. Why don’t I just say purple, or better yet, one of these other fun colors?)

-I almost did it that night when Brooke walked in on us and I felt like crap that it almost happened.
(Okay-this one isn’t so bad, except that I use it twice in the same sentence.)

So watch out for your almosts because sometimes they are not necessary and sometimes they just don’t make sense.

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  1. Let’s see… Yeah, I use almost. Only some of them make it past the editing. I did the time thing too. Someone asks what time it is and the response is: Almost ten. Lol.

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