First Fight / First Kiss Blogfest – Day 1

Entertaining InterestsDay one of The First Fight/First Kiss blog fest hosted by Danielle and Jackie.

June 12 – Share with us your 1st FIGHT scene on your blog. It can be physical or verbal, fists or magic. Whichever you want to share.

June 14 – Share with us your 1st KISS scene on your blog. It can be a peck on the cheek or a full fledge kissing session. Whatever you would like to tell us.

Title: Beyond the Wake (WIP)
A contemporary young adult novel.
One summer. Two lives. Who will be the one to change?
When 17 year old Jason unexpectedly falls for his best friend’s younger sister, he must decide if he can give up his partying ways to be the guy that Alexis needs. Fifteen year old Alexis is flattered by Jason’s attention, but as the summer progresses, she must decide if she’s willing to surrender her values for the guy she’s fallen for.

I’ve actually got something unusual. Their first kiss is also their first fight. It’s a little rough, but here it is.

I checked my cell, close enough, it was twelve forty-five. I was standing with a few girls, just listening. Nobody was really talking to me. Where was Jason? He’d ditched me not long after smoking the marijuana. There he was.

I tugged on Jason’s arm. “Let’s go to the car. It’s time to go.” Mack was nowhere to be found, but I’d try calling him once we got to the car.

The night was cool, and I was glad to escape the blaring music and drunks. Jason jabbered on, but I didn’t listen. Did he drink like this all the time? And the pot—how could he have smoked pot?

I opened up the door and the bright yellow light spilled everywhere. I stopped when I saw Mack on top of Kelsey. My eyes slammed shut, but not before she looked up at me.

“You dog, Mack!” Jason laughed and slammed the door.

Oh no. Oh no. Oh no. I had not just seen that.

Naked. Having sex in Dad’s SUV.

What was wrong with him? Gross. I could never sit in that back seat again. My feet couldn’t get away fast enough.

“Al… Al. Slow down, where you going?”

Where was I going? I had to get away. How could I ever face Mack again? Damn him.

Jason caught up with me and put his hands on my shoulders. “Hey, I told you to wait.” His arms wrapped around me, and he kissed me. Hard and sloppy, his tongue trying to jam into my mouth. My stomach turned at the taste of beer and marijuana.

This wasn’t real.

I pushed him backwards as hard as I could.

“Hey, what are you doing?”

This was the worst night of my life. The tears spilled down my face. “You ignored me all night long. You left me with all these stupid drunks. Then we see my brother having sex and you get turned on and kiss me. That’s gross, Jason. And you’re so drunk or high, you can hardly walk. I can’t believe you ruined my first kiss ever.” I wiped my eyes. How could he do this to me? I just wanted to go home.

My mind froze at her tears. She wanted me to kiss her. We just never found the right time. What was wrong? Why was she crying? My mind was a blank.

I reached out to grab her arm. Her eyes widened as the tears continued to stream down her face. “Don’t touch me!” She stepped around me and went to the corner of the barn. Her shoulders slumped as she leaned into the wall.

What did I do?

My phone beeped. Mack was done. “He’s ready to go,” I said and followed Alexis to the car.

Mack sat in back, eyes closed, head tilted back. I climbed in front and leaned my head against the cool window.

Alexis refused to look at me and gripped the steering wheel, her face tight. I screwed up but didn’t know why.

Why didn’t she want me to kiss her? Why was she so mad? Her words flew through my head, but everything was too muddled to make sense.

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  1. Love the double pov!

    But gross! What a douche! Although I do like the smell of beer breath sometimes and the sweet scent of maryjane (just the scent people) but not together.

  2. Very entertaining Suzi!

    Really enjoye the verying POVs – life would be so much easier if we always got a chance to hear the other side!!

    Great stuff, keep it up!


  3. That was really cool with the two POVs. Jason was definitely pretty far gone. That would be quite the awkward moment. Great scene! 🙂

  4. Yick. Yickty, yick, yick. Of all the things to see your bro doing …
    And beer kisses are just plain vile if you don’t like the stuff yourself.

    Love Jake’s voice. ^_^

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