First Fight / First Kiss – Day 2

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Day two of The First Fight/First Kiss blog fest hosted by Danielle and Jackie.

June 12 – Share with us your 1st FIGHT scene on your blog. It can be physical or verbal, fists or magic. Whichever you want to share.

June 14 – Share with us your 1st KISS scene on your blog. It can be a peck on the cheek or a full fledge kissing session. Whatever you would like to tell us.

Title: Beyond the Wake (WIP)
A contemporary young adult novel.
One summer. Two lives. Who will be the one to change?
When 17 year old Jason unexpectedly falls for his best friend’s younger sister, he must decide if he can give up his partying ways to be the guy that Alexis needs. Fifteen year old Alexis is flattered by Jason’s attention, but as the summer progresses, she must decide if she’s willing to surrender her values for the guy she’s fallen for.

Just a reminder. Day 1 was actually their first kiss and first fight. This is where they make up and have that special first kiss. It’s a little rough, since it’s waiting to be editing, but enjoy.

“Al, wait.” I grabbed her hand and pulled her towards the dock. I wasn’t going to let her go this time. “I need to talk to you.” We climbed into the boat, but when I sat next to her, she slid away, refusing to look at me. “Al, please. I’m sorry. Really. I’m sorry for getting drunk. It was dumb. I don’t do it all the time.”

“You were drinking again tonight.” Her lips were pursed as she stared off toward the water.

“Yeah, but just a few. I’m not drunk, not even buzzed.” She was making this so hard. “And I don’t smoke pot. That was the first time.”

“Whatever.” She crossed her arms and squeezed her eyes shut.

“I’m telling the truth. You can ask Mack. Sean offered it and I was curious. If I’d been sober, I probably wouldn’t have, but I did. And I’m sorry. Please, believe me.” She rolled her eyes. “You know I thought about what you said, about taking away what should’ve been a great memory. Instead of something special, I gave you a cheap forced kiss. And I get it. I was drunk and didn’t think. All night long I wanted to kiss you. Since we talked about it at the fair. The beer made me a little over eager. And I’m sorry. I’m sorry I ruined it for you.”

She sighed and finally looked me in the eyes. I knew then she was going to forgive me. The relief spread.

“I guess I missed out.” She offered a small smile.


She bit down on her lip. “I was so uptight about the whole kiss thing, I didn’t get to enjoy it. And after what I heard, I probably should have.”

“What do you mean?

“Randi said that Tangi said that you were the best kisser.”

Holy shit. Best kisser? If Tangi said something to Al, I would kill her. “Tangi said what to you?”

“Nothing to me. She told Randi, who told me.”

Damnit. Two girls I’ve pissed off. One I’d had sex with. Both I’d refused. Alexis couldn’t know I’d slept with Tangi. “I don’t want to talk about Tangi.”

“So are you a good kisser?”

“Beats me. You want to find out?” My heart pounded. Was she as nervous as me? When I kissed her the other night, I just did it. But now I think she wanted me to kiss her. What if she didn’t like it? What if I have beer breath? This is so much easier when you’re drunk.

Her smile was her answer.

I leaned in and pulled her head to mine and kissed her. Not a hot and heavy make out kiss. No tongue. No hand under her shirt. Just a kiss. A nice sweet kiss.

“So?” I asked, holding my breath.

She nodded and I kissed her again. And then a third time.

Alexis sat back and stared into my eyes for what seemed like forever. Then jumped up and pulled on my hand. “Come on.” She climbed out of the boat and waited for me.

“Where are we going?” I wanted to stay in the boat. I wanted to stare into her dark brown eyes. I wanted to kiss her some more. But that was enough for her. She’d gone as far as she could right now.

“Let’s go swing.”

We rocked back and forth silently, her head on my shoulder. I longed to her kiss again, but I knew we were done for tonight. After ten minutes she stood. “I’m going to bed. Goodnight, Jason.”

I sat out by myself a while longer to give her some space. Maybe she was in there thinking about our kiss. Hopefully she was smiling. After twenty minutes, I went inside and bushed my teeth. She was already sleeping, and I climbed in to bed.

And just for those of you who really dislike Jason–I have to explain that he didn’t cheat on Alexis. The other girls came before her, but he’s worried that she will think less of him if she knew the truth.

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    1. Yeah, you probably don’t have the best picture of him from the 2 scenes. But I love him. He made his mistakes early on, but he grows and changes and becomes a better person because of her… and for her.

  1. Still loving the varied POV idea – is there Al’s version of events to follow?!

    You got the nerves of the scene well…beer does of course help!

  2. Crystal Collier

    I guess any character is redeemable. Well, just about. I love the jumble of emotions. So true to life.

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