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Thank you to Amy Sonnichsen and Christa Desir for hosting My So Called Teenage Life blog hop.

So we’re supposed to post our journal entries or bad poetry from our teenage years. Mine comes from my journals and all of these stories are true.

I’ve seen this issue come up when it comes to fiction. That teenage boys are sometimes are portrayed as over-sexed. Some people don’t believe this to be true. And I had kind of forgotten it, until I started re-reading my old journals. I was a little shocked about some of the things that were said to me. So here’s a little taste. (I tried to be true to my writing. I typed it as I wrote it, unless the spelling/grammar of a word confused the story. All these happened in 9th grade. All names have been changed to protect the innocent… or guilty.)

Today in Global Ed, J asked M what we did in English. He (M goes) Oh we ran around naked and did a worksheet. He goes yea, I saw Suzi run naked 5 times. D goes Yeah, me too. M goes J/K Suz—I only saw you 3 times. How embarrassing. J is so cute. He’s going to Hawaii. He’s been lying in tanning beds. He’s really tan!

(I guess I wasn’t too bothered by this incident.)

Yesterday I wore black spandex. (Yes, it was in then.) D goes in global ed—would you pull up your shirt. It wasn’t tucked in. I said only if he’d pull down his shorts. Too bad.
(So apparently, he didn’t do it. Not that I would have.)

I would just like to say, of all that teasing these guys did, it was mostly innuendo, and it never seriously embarrassed me. I didn’t consider it harassment. That Global Ed class was the most fun class I had during my freshman year.

On the way to French I stopped to talk to B. He asked me where I was going. I said French. He goes no I said where are you going, not what you want to do. Little pervert. 

(This was a 7th grader. A cute, charming 7th grader. I was a 9th grader. I wonder what he was like in high school.)

This next one was at my older brother’s hockey tournament.

This weekend was the hockey tourney in Wahpeton. We had to stay in Fargo. Girl 1 and Girl 2 & I didn’t go to the 1st 2 games. We got 4th place. On Sat the guys had to be in their rooms at 11:00. There was no pool only hallways. Anyways we 3 were sitting out in the hallway playing “B.S” card game. Everyone but some parents were in their rooms. We were listening to music. LB the assistant coach walked by. He goes “What are ya playing, strip poker?” Girl 2 goes (he didn’t hear) “Yea, we are, can’t you tell were gay.”

(So the thing about this is that LB, a 20-22 year old man (I’m guessing), said this to 3 girls, a 9th grader, and 8th grader and a 7th grader. Yeah, kind of creepy.)

This last thing is unrelated, and it happened in 10th grade. SWEET SOPHOMORE GIRL was a classmate, and no, this wasn’t me, thank goodness, and MAJOR HOTTIE was just that. I was not there to witness it, but I was there for the aftermath.

SWEET SOPHOMORE GIRL was walking down the hall (with someone) eating cheetos. She dropped a big one. Just as MAJOR HOTTIE, a sr. was walking by. She goes ‘Whoah, that was a big one.’ Just when MH walked by. He turned and looked at her and she blurted out – The cheeto, I’m talkin about the cheeto—Funny.
MH – Gorgeous.

I’m pretty sure we had a big laugh at poor SSG’s expense… for quite a while. It still makes me smile.

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  1. Christa Desir

    I love the little pervert. These journal entries are so awesome. And I love that you bantered with the guys. I did too, but it looked more like arguing. 🙂

  2. Yep. I did laugh at poor SSG’s expense. And yeah, I’m glad it wasn’t me.

    Love the journal entries. I never bantered with the boys like that in the 9th grade. That didn’t come until much later.

  3. Oh wow, you’ve captured it, Suzi! This brings back memories to me of things guys said to me. Most of it went over my head because I had no idea what they were talking about. ha ha! I guess that’s a good thing.

    Man, I both can and cannot believe that assistant coach. YIKES! Run for the hills!!

    I’m so glad you took part! Thank you!!

  4. I would’ve been so horrified and offended if any guy had spoken to me like that at that age. I was always the boys’ girl who preferred the company of guys to other girls, and was usually treated like one of the guys instead of someone to make innuendoes to. Probably one of the reasons I was dateless most of my life, since guys never saw me as a real woman worthy of more than friendship.

  5. Melodie

    These are great – they totally reminded me of how filled-with-innuendo boys’ conversations were at that age. Hmmm…and now I’m the mother of a teenage boy…*worried*

  6. It seems like innuendo has slipped by the wayside a bit, which is a shame because it was more fun and harmless than whatever is getting texted or facebooked! Yikes!

  7. “He goes no I said where are you going, not what you want to do.” Bwah, hahahaha! Well done! So glad to meet you through this blog hop!

  8. I think most HR professionals would have instant heart attacks if they spent a few minutes eavesdropping on high school conversations. Although there’s the definite risk of taking things too far, I think it’s a lot like puppies playing – they have to figure out how hard they can bite before they get smacked down by their litter mates. If they don’t work that out on their own when they’re young, they don’t play well with others when they get older.

  9. I can totally see Anthony Michael hall as the 7th grader trying to bust moves. And…totally creepy coach. I look back at some events from that era now and realize there were creepy dudes on the periphery. Clueless at the time!

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