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Title: Savannah (working title), Adult Contemporary
When Mike and Savannah meet in the Bahamas, they both know they want to spend the rest of their lives together. They just might make it despite the disapproval of family and friends, Savannah’s ex-lovers that won’t go away and Mike’s inner demons. But just as Savannah is about to get everything she’s ever wanted, a killer seeking revenge threatens to take it all away.

Minka Kelley as Savannah

Kiera took a sip of her beer and studied the burgundy strips in Savannah’s dark hair. She could definitely pull off that look. It was their first time speaking alone all night. Was Mike really going to marry this girl? Mr. Commitment-Phobe who said he’d never settle down? How had he gone to the Bahamas for a little re-cooperation and returned with a fiancée?

“So how did you guys meet anyway?” Kiera asked, her eyes dropping down to the necklace showcasing Savannah’s cleavage. Wouldn’t that be nice?

Savannah closed her eyes and smiled. “Fishing charter. I helped out a friend one morning. I only figured it’d be a one-night stand.” Her grin widened. “Or one-morning stand I guess you could say.”

Kiera’s mouth dropped. “You didn’t?”

This shouldn’t have shocked Kiera, but it did. Even after what Savannah said earlier. Lila had been so pissed. One part of Kiera felt bad for Lila, who’d been in love with Mike for years. The other part said Lila should’ve known Mike never loved her.

Savannah raised her eyebrows. “Oh yeah. Down below while everyone was fishing. I slipped him my number after, but I didn’t think he’d really call.”

“He call you right away?” Mike wasn’t the type to chase girls. He usually sat back and waited for them. It never took long.

“That night. Asked if I wanted to get together the next day.” She glanced over at the table where Mike was playing poker with the others. “Shush, don’t tell him this. But I told him I only had lunch open that day even though I knew why he was calling.” She leaned back and grinned mischievously. “I figured if we could talk a bit, he might be interested in hanging out the rest of the week.” She twirled the engagement ring on her finger. “I never thought he’d end up asking me to marry him.”

“It’s a surprise to us all.”

Savannah leaned forward, tucking her long dark hair behind her ear. “You know what the funny thing is? The first time I met him we have sex, but our technical first date… just lunch. No kiss.” She grinned. “Not my typical first date.”

Kiera chuckled at Savannah’s candidness. Mike was the same in some ways, although working undercover in the narcotics unit had made him cynical and jaded. Savannah definitely held a more positive outlook on life.

Savannah let out a long sigh. “Sometimes I feel like this is all a dream. The last few years have sucked in the love department, and I still wonder if this is truly happening. I can’t tell you how freaked out I was about meeting everyone tonight. And other than Lila, you guys have all been so wonderful.” Savannah dropped her eyes to her beer and swished it around. “Well and…”

“And what?” Kiera sat up.

Savannah stared intently at Mike. “I don’t think his sister likes me. She was a little cool towards me today.”

Not a surprise. Savannah was the opposite of Elena in every way. Elena played the part of successful business woman. Savannah worked odd jobs in the Bahamas. Elena’s guarded and disciplined personality would conflict with Savannah’s frank and laid back attitude. Both were strong women.

Kiera could imagine the fireworks.

She patted Savannah’s arm. “Don’t worry about her. Mike’s been through a lot of crap, and Elena only worries about him. It’ll work out.”

“I hope so.” Savannah sighed.

Kiera did too.

 So What by Pink

The song I chose for Savannah is So What by Pink. I think it’s a good portrayal of Savannah’s attitude. On the outside, she’s brazen and gutsy, but inside she’s just as vulnerable as everyone else.

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  1. You’ve created a great balance here with Savannah – she’s open and honest, and yet there’s a vulnerability about her that is very appealing.

    Thanks for participating!

  2. I really like Savannah. She seems like a layered character, which makes her more believable. Good work and I would like to read more:)

  3. I love that the scene is from someone besides Mike and Savannah. Sometimes another person looking in can give you such a great view of your characters. Savannah seems like a very interesting character.

  4. Really enjoying Kiera’s reactions. (Kiera’s mouth dropped. “You didn’t?”) <= My fav. ^_^
    And I love So What. I think you're right about it being a perfect fit for Savannah.

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