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First, thank you to Hope Writing With Hope for the Kreativ Blogger Award. You can go here to see what I posted. I’d also like to send a special shout to the lovely ladies at Falling For Fiction. Cassie, Hope, Jade, Jenny & Kelley. I got to make an appearance 3 times on their blog in about a week, which was just a coincidence. Jenny interviewed me on a Friday. I got to say some nice words about Jolene Perry (another very cool author btw) on Monday, and Wednesday I gave my little blurb on critiquing. I’m pretty sure I won’t be on their blog for a while now, except maybe in the comments. But if you haven’t checked them out yet, please do. They are a supportive and fun bunch, and I love them all.

Now on to the cool author part.

So one day I hope to be a cool author too. Not too long ago I mentioned that I didn’t really know many authors until lately, mostly because I never followed writer blogs or websites until this past year. Now I’ve got my little collection of books that have been autographed. And it just grew by one.

And I’m really excited.

And this author is so very cool.

So here’s the story cause I want to share it.

Not long ago Stephanie Campbell tweeted that there was a review of the book she co-wrote with Jolene Perry, My Heart for Yours, at a book review blog. And that they were giving away a paperback copy.

Now I’d already read this book and loved it. Delia and Tobin are the kind of characters that I want to read on about after I close (or shut off in my case) the book. So even though I already read it, I wanted to try win this paperback copy.

So I went to the blog and registered on the rafflecopter. The FIRST thing you had to do, before you could earn other points was to go to Goodreads and mark My Heart for Yours as a ‘to read.’

Well I don’t have a Goodreads account. I use it to read reviews, but I have no desire at this point to start an account. And try keep up with listing books I’ve read. And rating them… etc.

But, I was gonna start the account just so I could try win the book. Before I did that, I went back to Twitter. Now I don’t really know Stephanie well, just kinda through following her blog and maybe commenting every once in a while. And I e-mailed her when I was reading My Heart for Yours to tell her I liked it. But that’s about it.

And since I consider myself to be funny (sometimes), I was gonna send her a tweet. So I typed this:
@stephcampbell_ Damn. Now I have to join Goodreads cause the 1st thing in the giveaway requires a GR account and I’d love to have this book

The first things I thought after I sent it was…
1. Damn. I hope she realizes I’m kinda kidding. I’m not really upset or anything. And I’m gonna join Goodreads.
2. Maybe I should’ve used darn. (Oh well—too late now)

So seriously, less than 15 minutes after that, she replied and said to give her my address, and she’d send me a copy.

I was dumbstruck.

And I now have myself a Stephanie Campbell signed copy of My Heart for Yours.

Isn’t that sweet?

So this is what I mean by cool authors. I know an author can’t be successful without their readers, but no author HAS to do this kind of stuff. And some day when I become a published author I will do the same type of thing and hopefully make somebody’s day, like she did for me.

So thank you, Stephanie.

Do you have any cool author stories? Or have you heard of authors doing similar things?

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  1. First… thanks for the shout out! *hugs*

    And that is the coolest thing! I’m so jealous! I’ve got the book on my kindle so that’s something, but would love to have a signed copy. I’d put it on the top shelf where my kids can’t reach it, lol.

  2. Rachel Schieffelbein

    That is so awesome! Wow.
    Cool cover, too. I’ll have to check this book out. 🙂

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