Hookers And Hangers – Day 1

Falling For Fiction

Thank you to the ladies at Falling For Fiction for hosting this bloghop. Day one is the hooker—the first line of the first 3 chapters of my current WIP.

Chloe (working title) is a contemporary young adult novel.

When Chloe starts college, she keeps her true self hidden. Nobody knows that she is gay, or that her brother killed himself a month before school started. But when she discovers the shocking truth behind her brother’s suicide, she begins to realize that hiding your secrets only leads to more pain.

Hookers from the first 3 chapters.

1. The biggest thing I had in common with my brother Brock was that we both liked girls.

2. My body rattled with nerves as I stood in the stairwell outside the door of the Union’s second floor.

3. I stared at the handwritten note Sasha handed me at the end of class Friday morning, Can you stay after a few minutes, please?

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  1. I have to say, Suzi your MS really hooked me and didn’t let me go. And that first line sums up Chloe to a tee. LOVE it. And I’m going to email you shortly about your title 🙂 x

  2. Suzi-
    I’m just lucky that I actually got to read this book 🙂
    I think the first line is just awesome – introduces the story and the voice in one short sentence!

  3. Definitely love the first one – and I have a friend who can relate to this, ’cause her straight brother was the first one in her family she came out to 🙂

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