Sloppy Writing 101.23

I have another interesting word I never thought would fall into Sloppy Writing.


Yes, that is right. I overused yes.

The problem came when someone asked a question. I always answered that question with a yes. Because I’m so polite. Then I’d tack on an additional statement. Problem is, most people would not use the yes, since it is implied in their answer.

Here are my examples from The Proper Way to Say Goodbye.

Question: “You sick?”
Answer: “Yes. I’m better now.”

Question: “Is that okay? Will you be my girlfriend?”
Answer: “Yes. I’d like that.”

Question: “First attempt?” He tried before?
Answer: “Yes. About a year ago.”

In all these occurrences, I could remove the yes because the question is answered with the next sentence. The one thing I did do is to keep Chloe, my mc, answering questions this way. To distinguish her voice. But everyone else… I got rid of those unnecessary yeses. And this goes for all the NOs too.

Did you ever think yes could be a sloppy word?

4 Responses

  1. I’m embarssed at the amount of crutch words I use. I was shocked when I was editing and found them. In fact, I found so many, I’m sure there’s still more out there. But, yes never made my list (that I’m aware of, maybe I should go double check…). I can see how it’d easily sneak in there.

  2. Nope, never even thought about the word yes. Are you keeping a list, or do you already have one? My most overused word is that. I overuse that in regular conversation, too. I wonder if other people notice. 😛

  3. LOL! I just noticed this in my own writing a few days ago. Yes, yup, yeah, oui, aye, and so many other forms of it were everywhere they didn’t need to be. Good catch!

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