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I enjoy reading author interviews, but often times they don’t ask the kinds of questions I wonder about. So I’ve assembled a group of writers at all levels, from un-agented to published, and every week I will have a new question for them.

Have you ever gotten a story idea from a song, a TV show or movie


Steph Campbell, Published Author
Absolutely! Each of my books has in some way (some small snippets, some in larger way) been inspired by a song. I listen to a lot of music while I write and sometimes it’s just the vibe of a song that inspires a scene.

Christa Desir, Pre-Published Author
No, but I did get a story from a game I played when I was younger 😉

Dahlia Adler, Agented Author
Sadly, not that I can think of. I definitely had the new 90210 in mind when I wrote BtS, but I can’t say it gave me the idea.I’d say real-life conversations and occurrences definitely remain my biggest inspiration, along with other books.

Jenny Morris, Agented Author
These three things inspire me to write all the time. I have a feature on Fridays where I try to post a song and write a short story but I’ve kinda slacked on it over the summer. I’m a very visual person so I’ll see things on a TV show or movie that will help my wheels start turning.

Mónica Bustamante Wagner, Agented Author
Yes! I once got an idea from a documentary I saw on the History Channel…or something like that. About the Bahamas. It was a long time ago, though. 😉

Lynne Schmidt, Un-Agented Author
My stories/novels are usually a culmination of a lot of things; real life, fiction, and then the characters will start to take over. But I have had instances (I can’t remember from what specifically) where I’ve been like, “Wow, yea….” *grab pen start writing after character just shot another character’s wife*.

Theresa Paulo, Un-Agented Author
Actually yes, a song. My book Prove Me Wrong was inspired by Paramore’s Only Exception.

Mindi Scott, Published Author
I had an idea come to me about a pregnant, married teen a few years ago after I watched the movie Waitress and the second season of One Tree Hill during the same week. My friends and family are CONSTANTLY asking me to finish that story next. (I got about halfway through it and moved on to something else.) Maybe someday!

Have you ever gotten a story idea from a song, a TV show or movie

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  1. I love this question! I haven’t found inspiration from music, TV, or movies–at least not yet. I’m eager to see how others respond, though.

  2. Rachel Schieffelbein

    I’d love to say I’ve gotten inspiration from music, but I’d be lying. Normally it’s just a random idea that pops into my head! 🙂

  3. I love the new blog design! Great question! It’s fun to see how inspiration comes from all different sources! I love Monica’s answer about her inspiration coming from the History Channel!

  4. My next story idea comes based off some characters in a Law and Order Criminal Intent. Nothing to do with cops or criminals though, but it was some characters with disabilities and the background behind their story that caught my eye.

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