The Perks Of Being An Author

I’d first just like to say a quick thank you to Melissa Landers at her group blog Honestly YA. I won two books in their Who-Needs-Summer-Loving giveaway. Catching Jordan by Miranda Kenneally and While He Was Away by Karen Schreck. Thank you Melissa.

So Melissa sent the two books this week and included her author bookmark. And I thought that was so cool. Of course I’ve seen author bookmarks before, but it just hit me that hey, this is a totally great perk of being an author.
And I can’t wait to have my own author bookmark someday.

Yes, that is a little nerdy maybe, but who cares. 🙂 Also nerdy is the fact that I have a little bookmark collection. When I was younger and went to the library, they always had free bookmarks, so I’d always take one. That collection grew over the years. Then as an adult I stupidly started tossing them.

Some of the bookmarks in my collection have the yarn tassels and some are advertising different events. I bought this one for my son, a thin hand-painted surfboard made of wood. It was very cool–he unfortunately doesn’t fully appreciate it yet. And one of them is from 1981. Yes, 31 years old—an antique. And I could barely read in 1981—not novel lengths at least.

So I decimated my bookmark collection. But recently I’ve decided to start growing it again, grabbing free bookmarks when I can, because one day I can pass my collection down to my children. Yes, kids, that is your inheritance. A bookmark collection. Don’t get too excited.

The funny thing is, half the time I don’t even use them. Instead using ticket stubs, receipts, post-its or whatnot. But they sit safely in a special little bag, waiting to be used. And someday, I’ll add my own author bookmark to my collection.

What do you use as bookmarks?

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  1. Folded Kleenex – there’s always a box around in our house! I really like the bookmarks that fold over the pages, the magnets at the bottom snapping together to hold onto the pages between. My kids bent my set up, and my husband stole them to use for his school books. 🙁 I’ve been scoping out a new set at B&N, but since I read mostly on my Nook, I can’t really justify buying more.

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