Follow Me, Or Not

(WordPress was doing some funky things, and my post wasn’t showing. I’ve reposted, and hopefully it’s working now.)

So I was sitting at my computer Saturday morning—less than 24 hours before my blog post was scheduled—and I didn’t have any idea what to write. It’s been busy this week, getting into the school routine and organizing a garage sale at my house. (This is the last one I’m holding… perhaps forever.) I checked Google Reader for new blog posts and saw one I hadn’t read yet from this week, so I went to Mark Koopmans blog, Aloha! Mark Koopmans Says Hi fro HI and read his IWSG: Are you unfollowing to me post. And voila. I knew what to write about.

Mark wrote about being unfollowed by people on Twitter. Did you know there’s a website that will tell you who unfollows you? I didn’t. (Go to his site to get the link, I was too lazy to add it here.)

That got me thinking, maybe I should go clean up my Twitter account. I’m one of those people choosy people, I guess. I went through the list of people I follow, and I know about 95% of them from reading their blogs, or have some other connection to them. Not always just because they followed me.

I hate my Twitter feed getting filled up with people I don’t care about. (I hope that doesn’t come off as snobby.) And I don’t follow many celebrities/entertainment feeds either. The vast majority are writers, agent-types, and a few other friends.

So I figured it’s time to go through the people who follow me and see who I want to follow. Check out their blogs and see if I’m interested, and maybe I can get to that this week. I’m sure in the end, I’ll add a few more.

My low numbers are just fine with me. Maybe when I become a published author, I might feel differently because it might be a way to connect with readers. But I’m not there now. So I’ll stick with my low numbers.

What’s your Twitter style? Do you follow anyone who follows you? Or do you look for more of a connection? Do you periodically go through and clean up your Twitter account?

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  1. I do clean up my twitter followers periodically. Sometimes people follow you and you follow them back, yet later you find that they are not following you at all!

  2. I admit it, I’m a follower back. However, I do keep the follow backs to writer types, and after I look at their feed to see if they’re just spammers or really tweet. But then, yeah, I follow back! I also go back and check to see if they’ve dropped me, because people do that and it makes me mad. They only follow until you follow back and then they’re out of there! Totally rude!

  3. I’m hardly on twitter, so I don’t unfollow anyone. But it takes me weeks to follow someone who follows me, and by then the follower who’s just following to get numbers has already unfollowed me. Whoa… did that make sense? Lol. Anyways, most of the peeps I follow on twitter are my peeps, or quickly become that way 🙂

  4. Rachel Schieffelbein

    I follow anyone who follows me, but I’m not on Twitter much. When I am I just scroll past people I don’t care about. 🙂 Although I have gotten valuable info off of there in the past.
    I don’t follow any celebrities, but I do follow agents and pubishers. 🙂

  5. I’m pretty much like you, though if someone follows me that seems interesting, I’ll follow them back. I do like to keep things cleaned up though, and I have no problem unfollowing people that I know longer have an interest in or who have turned spammy.

  6. Ugh. My whole comment erased and I have no idea why. How annoying. Anyway, all I was saying was that I think this is a really strong query. Very clear and concise.

    The only question I have was about the genre. This sounds more like NA (new adult) than YA, since your MC is in college.

    The first 150 is great and I love that she still hears her brother’s voice in her head. Cool way of getting her thoughts in there without making them her thoughts.

    Anyway, good luck with this. I’d love it if you’d stop by and take a look at mine. I think I finally got it right, but now I need confirmation. haha. Hope you do well with GUTGAA!!

  7. I clean up. I use Twit clean I think. lol. When I first got on Twitter I followed back every person who followed me. I don’t do that anymore unless I know you. I only follow back if you are interesting and you interact with me. I don’t want to follow people who are self promoting. It’s annoying.

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