The Super Awesome Jolene Perry

I am super excited to have Jolene Perry on my blog today. We have several reasons to celebrate, and you even have a chance to win a Jolene Perry ebook. Because…

1. It’s her birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOLENE!!!

2. She’s recently released two more books. 10 Weeks, a collaboration with Janna Watts, which I haven’t read yet. And her first paranormal book, Insight–which I have read. And trust me, she does paranormal just as well as she does contemporary.

Before I get to her post though, I’d like to introduce Jolene to those who don’t know her. Although many of you do. She is a very accomplished writer. Mostly contemporary, although now she’s added the paranormal stories too. Mostly young adult, but now she’s dabbling in new adult. Not only is she a prolific writer, she is super talented too. So if you haven’t read any of her books, get to it, because you’re missing out.

So here’s what Jo has to say.


Though, I guess I’m not really new here…

I met Suzi, through Cassie, who asked me about participating in “The Big Reveal” where Suzi asks all sorts of interesting questions to people at all stages of the writing thing. It’s been SO fun to see the widely varied answers to her questions.

There are very few people I’ll read a book for more than once, but Suzi’s one of those people. It does help that she writes darker/edgier YA Contemp, but yanno…

This awesome woman (Suzi, in case you’re pre-caffeine this morning) just read a manuscript of mine that was in TERRIBLE shape, and slogged her way through it, giving me a MILLION different ideas on how to make it better. Awesome.

She’s been nothing but nice and friendly and easy to get along with. Her emails crack me up because they usually start with – Can I ask you something?

And then I get a list of 2-10 questions.

I love that she thinks I might know something about something, lol.

But really, I’ve done publishing in a ton of different ways, and have pretty formed ideas on how to do it, and not to do it…

At least I preface most things by saying – this is my opinion, and and I’m totally biased…

Anyway. It’s been fun getting to know Suzi, and I have no doubt that we’ll continue to be good friends and bloggy pals 😉

And NOW is when I get to dance and say IT’S MY BIRTHDAY SO I CAN DO WHATEVER I WANT!!

This means I’m offering you a present in the form of an ebook. Any of my books you like to one winner on this blog.

My daughter will pick the winner or I’ll jump over and have random org do it. Don’t worry. Emma’s meticulous, and will do a fair job 😉

BUT – I must have your email…

SO! Winner will be drawn/picked/random org’d on Monday the 17th!!


~ Jolene

Back to the not-as-exciting me now.

Thank you, Jolene. For your nice words and for the book giveaway. (And Happy Birthday, again!)

See, isn’t she great. And not only is she always there to answer a question, or ten, but it’s her birthday, and she’s offering one of you an ebook. So just comment and come back Monday the 17th to see who won.

So far I’ve read 5 out of the 9 books below and would recommend any one of them. I seriously have a hard time picking my favorite because there’s different aspects of each I loved: the settings, the characters, the plot and the issues the characters deal with. But if I had to pick a favorite… Night Sky edges out My Heart for Yours by just a tiny bit. But I loved them all.

Do you have a favorite Jolene Perry book?

Where you can find Jolene
At her blog: Jolene Perry (She’s on a whole lot of blogs today giving away books, see her site for the list.)
At Twitter: @JoleneBPerry
At Goodreads: Jolene Perry


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  1. Happy Birthday to Jolene! I have two major favourite Jolene Perry books – Night Sky and My Heart For Yours! 😀 But they are all wonderful, I am just reading Insight at the moment!

  2. I seriously don’t know if I could pick a favorite either! ALL of Jolene’s books are amazing… and they reach you in an emotional way I hope some day to be able to bring across…

    It’s fun to learn more about you, Suzi, from Jo’s eyes! Love it. 😀

  3. And you rock for doing this for me 😀
    AND – definitely not all of Suzi’s emails have questions.
    AND – I love the story of hers I’ve read – I can’t wait to be able to dig into more!

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