New Experiences: Not A Novel

At the suggestion of a friend, I thought I’d try something new. I am working on a novelette, or a novella. I really don’t know which it will be. According to most of the websites, these are the word count ranges:

Novelette: 7,500-17,500 words
Novella: 17,500-40,000 words

I’m aiming for between 15,000 and 20,000, and we’ll see where it ends up. I have the first draft done, and it stands at about 15,500 words. And since I am an under-over writer, I will probably be adding words.

That probably doesn’t make sense to you, but it’s true. I underwrite because I don’t get enough description in there, especially of settings. And I overwrite by using unnecessary or redundant words. (See my Sloppy Writing posts)

So here is my story.

The Freshman Fifteen, a new adultish novelette/novella
Eighteen year old college freshman Rosemary hatches a plan for revenge against her mean roommate. But before the plan is fully complete, things change (of course), and she must decide what’s more important: carrying out her revenge or giving it up for the guy she fell for.

Everything fell into place after I thought of the original idea, which hasn’t changed much except for cutting out some characters. Originally I had 6 people she was taking revenge on, but that’s been knocked down to three. Otherwise I would’ve gone over my max word count.

And now it’s editing time.

I’m not sure that anything will ever happen with this, but it’s been fun to write.

So have you tried anything other than novels? Short stories? Novella/novelettes?

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  1. I started out writing short stories, and even was able to get a few published. I loved having a whole story done in a month. Since I started writing novels, I haven’t done any shorter forms, except for the occasional flash fiction. Your story sounds fun!

  2. Oh fun! yes I started with shorts and my first novel was a flop that taught me incredible things. Even if nothing comes of these things, it’s the journey, babe, the journey is what makes it worth it. Have fun!

  3. I haven’t written anything shorter, but I should give it a try. My ideas tend to be too big and I have to pair them down.

    Your short story sounds like a fun one! Stories of revenge are amped with tension.

  4. I want to read it! 🙂

    I’ve read that writing short stories is a great way to hone your writing skills. You have to get your point across in a much shorter amount of time, so every word counts. I’ve been too scared to give it a ago, but I plan on doing it one day.

  5. The first three books in my introductory Atlantic City series, set from 1938-40, began as unintentional novellas, and the fourth, covering the first six months of 1941, is novelette-length. I intended them as short books and never thought of them as long, serious novels, but even I was shocked when I finally converted them into Word years later and saw the word counts. The first went from 38,000 to 60,000 after a significant rewrite and restructuring, and I’ll have to see if the others can increase just as substantially or if they’re just meant to be shorter books.

    I nominated you for a blog award, if you’re interested:

  6. Yes I’ve been puzzling over this one myself. Good question and good luck with the MS. I called my eBook a novella but I guess it’s just a short story length.

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