Change Of Plans

So here was my general plan. Finish revising The Proper Way to Say Goodbye. Start querying. Then start work on my next story. I have the basic premise, and a few character details and scenes, but I wanted to try plot it out first. Since I lean more towards pantsing, I would be trying something new doing the plotting first.

Which path do I take?

But my plans changed.

I enjoy dark, edgy dark stories, and I was reading Pushing the Limits by Katie Garry. I like the two main characters, Echo and Noah—who is a foster kid. The last novel I queried, Frosty, had a foster girl as the main character, and I got a new story idea that revolves around two foster kids.

And I’m hoping it turns out to be on the dark, edgy side. (But you never know cause things might change… again.)

So my mind took over, and I had to write out my ideas. Now I still love the premise of the other WIP I wanted to start, but this new one has taken hold. But first, I have to finish The Proper Way to Say Goodbye. (If I can ignore the itch to write.) So I’ll record my ideas, and then I’ll be all ready to go.

Does this happen to you often? When another story idea takes hold and you have to change course?

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  1. Hi Suzi

    Yep. Pretty much happens all the time. I keep spiral notebooks for my story ideas and if I’m in the middle of revising one, in spare time record details for the new one in a notebook so I can begin to flesh it out.
    It can be so tempting to just start the new story, but I won’t do it until the current one is finished with a few rounds of revisions.

  2. Ah, the dust bunnies. I have three ideas floating in my head and it is so hard to continue doing one thing when those are persistently trying to make me drop everything I’m doing and work on them instead.

    I have tried keeping notebooks to write down my ideas and always end up not really understanding my notes when I revisit them. Perhaps I should start being more descriptive with those and write down more than a line or two.

  3. It does! I have decided to go ahead and write the next story in the Finding Meara series (I still don’t have a name for it, or the series, for that matter.) I also am going to replot the Age of Stars. I’ve decided I don’t like the way it fell together this summer,but I love the characters, so I just need them doing different things! I’m so excited for you to explore new creative territory. It’s the funnest part of writing, I think! And I love your new look. The header is super cool!

  4. I’ve been through this before. Generally a character dictates the change. They turn out different on paper than in my head and change the course of the book. I’ve learned to be flexible in my plotting, that’s for sure. 🙂

  5. Absolutely! I’ll be working on a project… then the character (from an idea) will knock on my brain and won’t leave me alone until I jot down some stuff. Ugh! It can be so frustrating at times, but I welcome it at the same time. I’m complex. LOL

  6. I have friends where this happens all the time to them! But it hasn’t happened to me yet… once I’m in a project, I’m *there*… sounds like it would be so distracting! 😉

  7. Rachel Schieffelbein

    Yes. I have a few projects that I’d like to start. But ya’ know what, it’s a good problem to have, isn’t it? I know when I started my first ms I was worried I’d never be able to come up with another idea.

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