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I enjoy reading author interviews, but often times they don’t ask the kinds of questions I wonder about. So I’ve assembled a group of writers at all levels, from un-agented to published, and every week I will have a new question for them.


Old fashioned book or E-reader?


Steph Campbell, Published Author
Both. I typically buy books from authors I haven’t read before on my kindle, and authors that I am already in love with in hardcover or paperback. If I read something on my kindle that I adore, I will also buy the hardcopy to have on my shelf, too.

Christa Desir, Pre-Published Author
Because I have to read MSs on my iPad so much, I actually prefer pleasure reading the old-fashioned books.

Dahlia Adler, Agented Author
Old-fashioned books are definitely my preference, and I still buy paperbacks by the truckload, but I definitely appreciate my Kindle. I don’t really use it for e-books, though, as I don’t particularly enjoy the experience of reading them (I hate how hard it is to skip around, that I can’t just glance at the back cover as a refresher if I haven’t picked it up in a while, etc.), but they’re amazing for reading other writers’ manuscripts. Basically, if I’m home, I’m reading a traditional book, but on my commute or on vacation, I’m probably going the Kindle route.

Jenny Morris, Agented Author
I like both. I love checking books out of the library. But I read in bed a lot and my hubby wants the light off (silly him) so E-readers are great for that. I use the Kindle on my iPhone.

Lynne Schmidt, Un-Agented Author
Book. I like the smell of them, the ability to bend the spines (although if it’s a new book, I avoid that at all costs!) I’ve actually never even touched an E-reader. I’m not exactly opposed to them, but I think I’ll always be a fan of physical books.

Theresa Paulo, Un-Agented Author
I fought ebooks for the longest time, but I eventually gave in when my Mom gave me her old Nook and I will admit it’s kinda great. You can’t beat a library on the go with 600 books in it. However, nothing beats a good old fashion book. I love to hold it and even skip ahead. Plus the battery never dies. You don’t have to charge a book!

<Mindi Scott, Published Author
I have a Kindle, but I use it only on vacation (so that I can take multiple books in one hand package) or when I’m feeling too lazy to leave the house to get a book. I prefer old-fashioned books to the e-versions though.


So what about you? Old fashioned book or E-reader?

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  1. I do both, although I prefer regular books. I kinda agree with Steph’s answer too. I’m more likely to buy a regular book if I like the author or know them.

    Right now I’m probably about 75/25, reading more real books than ebooks.

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