Sloppy Writing 101.36

I worked hard to tighten up my writing in The Proper Way to Say Goodbye by getting rid of those unnecessary words. Another one I found was even. When I read my sentences with even, I was usually trying to emphasize something. But so often, I don’t need it.

Here are my examples from The Proper Way.
-Just like I’d told her several times before I even moved here. Greek life wasn’t for me.
-And even if I was, I wouldn’t talk to him about it.
-Hadn’t even thought about the weekend
-I even met a few of them when I visited,
-Trying to hide it from Devyn because she didn’t even know about him yet.
I just don’t need any of the above evens because it doesn’t add anything to the sentence. I deleted 33 from my manuscript. Not bad. But I still left a lot, mostly for Chloe’s voice.
So one more word to add to my list

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  1. I don’t find myself using EVEN often, but I am an abuser of JUST and REALLY and SUDDENLY and GENTLY. I think we all have crutch words. Half the battle is recognizing them and deleting them later!

  2. Thanks so much for this, Suzi!
    I will be doing a search for the word “even” today because I have a feeling it’s used more than it needs to be in my MS.

  3. Rachel Schieffelbein

    This is one I’ve been finding a lot, too! I’m working on revisions right now and trying to find all those useless words. A HUGE one for me is ‘that.’ Thank goodness a CP pointed it out! It was crazy! I guess I must talk that way or something. I put it in without thinking about it.

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