Sloppy Writing 101.40

Another unnecessary word I found in my writing was back. I had a TON of them I didn’t need. Here are several examples from The Proper Way to Say Goodbye.
-Second floor lounge, back in the east corner.
-I headed back to my dorm.
-My library book sat back at the dorm—I should’ve brought it.
-I shrunk back into the safety of the chair.
-You think I want her scowling face staring back at me all the time?”
None of those backs are necessary, and I don’t feel it’s a word I want to use in Chloe’s voice, so I got rid of over 80 backs. Pretty impressive isn’t it. (Or pathetic, I’m not sure which.)  
So watch your backs. 🙂

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  1. I love these posts, Suzi. They remind me of all the words I kind of just slap in there and forget about… only to find out there’s a ton of them that could be removed!

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