U Got The Look

NaNo is done and I won! As you can see by that badge in the corner. I even finished 2 days early. And now it feels weird, because I don’t run to the computer every free moment. Back to normal life I guess.
I got tagged by Ilima Todd for the U Got the Look Meme. (Thank you, Ilima)
All you do is go to your current WIP, search for the word look, and copy over the surrounding paragraphs. Easy enough. So here is a bit from my NaNo project, Never Again, a contemporary YA story. You are forewarned that this is unedited.
This is Christian narrating, a seventeen year old foster boy.
The anger over my grandfather dying fueled my will to walk away. It also kept away the feelings of sadness. I missed him like hell, but he’d died and left me in this shitty town with nobody. And apparently the state thought a seventeen year old couldn’t make it on his own. I wished I’d had the chance to prove them wrong.
“Christian!” Mark’s gruff voice froze me in my tracks. When had he slipped down here? “I think you need to sit, so we can discuss this. Like adults—how you claim you want to be treated.”
I eased back into my seat, avoiding the smug look Whitney probably had. Mark stood in the corner arms crossed, the frown lines etched in his forehead. His eyes focused on me as he rubbed the dark stubble on his chin. He and Whitney were too young to be my parents. Thirty-one and thirty-two. Which meant they were only fifteen years older than me. But even though they had no kids, they’d gotten the whole parenting act down.

So that’s it. A taste of my current WIP. I finished NaNo with just barely over 50,000 words. And now I look forward to doing some research so I can finish the first draft.

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