Make The Voices Go Away

I shouldn’t complain. Many writers only get one idea at a time. They work on a story for a year or more. And then move onto the next idea when they’re done.
But luckily I’m not that way. I’ve got lots of ideas I’ve written down and usually they don’t take hold if I don’t think about them.
My plans after NaNo were to do some research before finishing up my rough draft. And then I was going to edit a shelved MS during Christa Desir’s Jan Plan. I told my friend Theresa, that it feels strange not to be writing or editing something, but I wanted to enjoy the break.
Unfortunately, after visiting a blog, I got the inspiration for a story. I wrote it down, so not to forget. A few other ideas came and I had to name the main characters so it’s easier to write my notes.

And now they won’t shut up.

Image courtesy of imagerymajestic

So far, I’ve held off on writing. Just recording notes, but they keep calling me to write. I have no ending. Just my characters and the problem the girl is hiding from the boy.
Now I’m not sure what I’ll be working on in January. I’ll find something. Whether it’s a new WIP, or finishing my rough draft, or re-writing the one I blogged about last week. We’ll see come January 1st.
Do voices speak to you like this?

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  1. My Life in Fargo

    Yes! But, I usually just let these things work themselves out in my head before I sit down to write…sometimes for months.

  2. Interesting topic! You know, I strangely don’t have this problem… once I’m in a project, I’m haunted only by that project and don’t have other voices bugging me. I’m thinking it’s a good thing, LOL!

  3. Your muse is a singin’! It’s great that inspiration has struck, but why does it do it when you’re supposed to be on a break? Doesn’t your muse need a vacay too? 🙂 Enjoy the voices. They make conceptualizing a storyline fun!

  4. Rachel Schieffelbein

    Sometimes. 🙂 I do have a couple of characters I am excited to write about in the new year, they are loud! I haven’t started yet because, while they are loud and I love the premise, I don’t quite have the plot figured out!
    I’m hoping to get some writing books this Christmas. I plan to study up and actually make a plan for this next WIP.
    Merry Christmas Suzi!

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