Um, Really?


The end of 2012. Another year gone by. So many people have inspiring posts about the past year and what they are looking forward to in the new year.
I am not one of those people. 🙂
Instead I’m going to post some of my favorite search terms that led people to my blog. Because I totally laugh when I see other people do this. And I love being able to figure out which post a weird search came from.


Things that make you go huh?
-boys suitable to bring Emily to the debs: Who’s Emily? And where/what are the debs?
-frosty swirl meaning: Maybe it’s Wendy’s version of the Blizzard.
-sex engineer: Um, huh? This isn’t an R-rated blog.
-how to abbreviate got to: If you mean gotta, that’s the same amount of letters. And is it really necessary to abbreviate 2 words that are 5 letters long?
-“good” or “bad”: I think we need a little more info.
-butt pogo: I don’t want to know.
-why do you want to an engineer a literar: I’m sorry, huh?

Reading is important
-what is reading important: Take a look at the first word in your sentence. That is why.
-important of reading in engineer: Well, engineers should be able to recognize the difference between importance and important.
-how to get rid of to many “that’s” when writing: Ooh, ooh. I can help with this one. I’m a former that-a-holic. I’d also like you to work on the correct usage of to/too/two. If you don’t mind.
-my friend says reading is not important: I think you should smack him… Or her.
Does this mean I spelled those words wrong in my post?
-interview dialog for civil engineering: A writer who can’t spell dialogue. Not good.
-litery of engineer: This is just bad. I mean it’s the title of my blog for goodness sakes.
-literary enginerr about liteary fiction: You spelled it right the first time, why not the 2nd? And note the word enginerr. Oh crap, that means I spelled it wrong too.

I doubt you found your answer here
-what song is at the main menu of harry p: No clue
-oh theresa looking good bahamian song: I’m wondering what this is too. *Hey Theresa, I bet this is you.*
-book where a girl goes back in time and stays trapped: You might have to narrow it down a little more.
-can I call myself an engineer in ohio: Um, I don’t know. I live in North Dakota.
-convert 1.1mil to 1100000 in excel: I can do this, but I’m pretty sure I didn’t demonstrate it on my blog.
-mindy mcginnis author favorite song: I don’t know, but I could e-mail her and ask. I kinda know her. You know in that online sort of way. (Which means I’ve never met or talked to her in person, but she has appeared on my blog in The Big Reveal, and she’s helped me with my query and she’s totally funny with her Thursday Thoughts. So sometimes I post comments on her blog. Oh, I’m out of breath.)


Happy 2013!


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  1. I’m so impressed with how many weird searches you’ve got for you blog this year! My favourite is “how do you engineer a literar”. Genius. I suppose a literary engineer would be the person to know – if only we knew what a literar was!

  2. LOL Butt pogo. I cackled at this one. My blog isn’t nearly old enough to have any of these searches (I quickly went to see mine, and surprise surprise, they were all art related more than writing 🙁 ), and some of yours are astouding.

    People not knowing the difference between to/two/too bugs the crap out of me. One of my biggest pet peeves!

  3. HA! I can’t stop laughing. For once I’m not drinking wine so no wet screen lol

    -oh theresa looking good bahamian song: I’m wondering what this is too. *Hey Theresa, I bet this is you.* What the heck!! LOL! No clue Ha!

    I just checked mine and they’re not as outrageous as yours.
    types of people in the world
    happy for you dance
    different people cartoon
    aruba tubing

    I’m still laughing!

  4. Rachel Schieffelbein

    That is too funny.
    I’ve seen people post these things before, too, and I have no idea where you get this info from.
    Have a great New Year, Suzi!

  5. I so want to google butt pogo. It’s like autocorrect. How do people get all those weird sex terms in their phones!

    Hilarious post – not just the search terms, but your responses, too. Thanks for a good laugh at the end of 2012. 🙂

  6. Thanks for the chuckle. I once Googled “What is the proper term for the fluff under my bed.” (cause dust bunnies didn’t feel formal enough for my ms … hee hee) and what Google gave me? “How to tell if you are insane.” lol. I took it as a sign. Google knows best.

  7. Oh these are too/to/two funny! I am going to have to check out my search terms too. I didn’t know you could do that. Happy New Year, Suzi!

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