Sloppy Writing 101.47

So I’m going to return to adverbs. This time: LATELY. I don’t have a big problem with LATELY, but I found some unnecessary ones in The Proper Way to Say Goodbye. Here they are.
-Mom had encouraged me lately to go to a group for those who lost someone to suicide.
-She’s known something has been off lately, and she accused me of cheating on her.
-You’ve been going home a lot lately.
Now, it helps to see the surrounding text in these cases, but in the ones above, I didn’t think the LATELY was necessary. Other times, I did leave it. Here are a few ones I didn’t remove.
-Lasagna usually made me happy, but my appetite had disappeared lately.
-You haven’t written much lately.
It’s hard to explain exactly what the difference is, but with the above two, the lately is more important because I’m calling attention to what’s happening now to show how it’s different from before. Whereas the first ones, it’s not as important to show that it has changed.
Does that make any sense?
So LATELY is one of those words you can sometimes delete. Or maybe you want to leave it in for voice. But I took out a few at least.

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