Your Name Or Mine

Not long ago I let a friend read The Proper Way to Say Goodbye. And her name is Chloe, just like my main character. That made me wonder, does it feel weird to read a story with a main character that has the same name as you.
I asked the real Chloe, and she said no, it didn’t feel weird to her.
But I’m wondering what other people think. Especially those with common names that show up in stories. Because mine does not.
I went to the Social Security Baby Names Wesite. I reference this site a lot when I’m trying to find character names. It’s great because you can look them up by popularity of any year. Of the top 1000 names. So if you need a name from an earlier decade, it’s easy to find them.
And big surprise, Suzi doesn’t even rate in the top 1000. Neither does Suzie or Suzy.
Susan actually rated pretty high my birth year. #27. But Susan isn’t my name, so it doesn’t count. Susie came in at 541. But still, it’s not my name.
So my point is, I don’t think I’ve ever ran across my exact name in a book. And I’m curious if it feels weird for you to read a story with your name.
And, have you found a story that has your first AND last name?
That would be pretty cool.

(Come back tomorrow for more name stuff with the Allow Me to Re-introduce Myself Bloghop.)

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  1. I’ve read a lot of books with Kat/Cat (and many, many variations thereof) as the MC’s name. It stands out for the first few pages, I think, until I get an idea of the character – then it’s like the name belongs to her, without it having anything to do with me anymore. I suppose it’s the same as meeting someone with my name IRL. At first you have that one thing in common, but as you learn more about them, the name is less significant.

    I’ve never come across a book character with my full name, but Debra Messing played a character called Kat Ellis in The Wedding Date. It’s probably a good thing that it’s her photo, not mine, which comes up first in a google search!

  2. I was named after Lara in Dr. Zhivago (if I spelled that right). I thought it was all romantic-until I watched the movie. I know the character was only doing what she had to in order to survive, but I kind of don’t tell people anymore that I’m named after her. I’ve met some people named Lara, but over my lifetime I think the grand total is something like four or five. I did meet a Lara who had the same birthday as me, just on a different year. That was pretty cool.

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