Please Allow Me To Re-introduce Myself Blog Hop

Thank you to Stephen Tremp , C.M. Brown, Elise Fallson and Mark Koopmans for hosting this fun bloghop.
Here is what it’s about: An opportunity to re-introduce ourselves to the ever-expanding blogging community. Simply take a moment and tell us something interesting about yourself. Anything. It can be about writing. Or blogging. Or a hidden talent. Perhaps you’re in the Witness Protection Program. Feel free to keep your post short. This is meant to be a quick and fun Blogfest.
My name is Suzi. Yes, my given name. (That seems to surprise a lot of people.)
Not Susan, Sue, Suzanne, Sue, Suz, or Suzie Q.
And if you call me one of the names from the above line, and you’re not a good friend or family, I’ll roll my eyes inwardly, because you weren’t paying attention when I told you my name.
But I won’t correct you.
My parents wanted to be different I guess, so they named me about the least used form of Suzi. (Others are Suzie, Suzy, Susie, Suze ) So that means that basically, I ALWAYS have to spell my name out because nobody gets it right.
Growing up, I probably only knew of a few other Suzi’s (and they were actually spelled differently.) I had none in my grade.
I used to hate it. I don’t anymore.
So what about you? Do you have a common or uncommon name? And do you like it?

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  1. Elise Fallson

    Hi Suzi! Wonderful to meet you and I think you have a great name. I don’t have an uncommon name, but when I was younger, my parents and family would call me Cookie. I use to hate it, lol.
    Thanks for participating in the blogfest. (:

  2. I’ve been warned! Only Suzi! Got it! hehehe. No seriously… I got it. ; )
    I named 2 out of 4 kids with unusual spellings… they are going to kill me. The 10 yr old is a boy and doesn’t care much but my 3 yr old daughter is going to hang me.

  3. Nah, Suzi, I have the most BORING name in the world! There were FIVE (count ’em) Cathys in my gym class in grade nine – that’s how many of us there are around. So kudos to your folks for giving you a unique name! Plus, it’s adorable!

  4. Janeal

    I like Suzi. It’s a good name.

    I have the same problem. No one can spell (or pronounce!) Janeal. I’ve only meet four other Janeal’s in my life, but none of them spelled it the same. And then I got married and my last name became Falor, which also falls into the no one can spell or say category. Makes me feel all unique and only sometime frustrated 😉

  5. Nice meeting you, Suzi!

    My name is Celeste, and I used to hate it because mean kids could get pretty creative with such a name. Now, I guess I’m okay w/my name. When my book comes out, at least I’ll have a distinctive name that readers will hopefully remember. I’m glad I stopped by. I look forward to more of your posts. 🙂

  6. I always loved the name Suzi! Even called my dog that in highschool. hee hee. As for me, just always been Tanya. Some spell it with an i and others an o. I don’t ask why, I know who I am.

  7. I was called Susie a lot growing up but my family shortened it to Suze(one syllable long U). They still call me that.
    There aren’t many kids today with any form of the name Susan out there.

  8. Suzi is a pretty cool name. I like it.

    I’ve called myself Nick for as long as I can remember, but my dad still calls me Nicholas most of the time. It used to annoy me, but I’ve got used to it. He’s set in his ways, you could say!

  9. I have an uncommon name spelled like a common one so that it is constantly mispronounced. Even my family gave in and just started calling me Manda because it was too confusing for me as a child to have teachers call me one thing and the family something else. For a while I tried to get people to call me Elizabeth but no one would. Now I just write under “M” and my maiden name because “Amanda Pepper” is a heroine in a bunch of mystery novels. And I like how unique my maiden name is anyway.

  10. I hated my name growing up because kids would make fun of it and teachers could not pronounce it correctly. It was Natasha which is a “pet”name of Natalie. Like Jack is to John. So now I call my self Natalie and I miss, miss hearing my Russian name. Very few people call me that anymore.

  11. I like the spelling of your name. I didn’t know any Suzis (or its variations) growing up. People are always mispronouncing my name, even though I recall introducing myself to them.

  12. Interesting! I like just Suzi. I have a friend who is just Josh and everyone always assumes it’s Joshua.

    I didn’t think to mention my name in my post, since it’s obviously different, but so many use their initials nowadays. I actually have gone by PK since I was a baby. Mom nicknamed me cuz she didn’t like the name my father gave me. Turns out, I don’t really like it eithe. lol!

  13. Hi, Suzi,

    I had to laugh at you last remark… I understand completely. I HAVE THE MOST common Male name of all time, an especially in my generation …. MICHAEL.

    One would think most people would know how to spell it…. HA! I still get haunted by the EA spelling. As for Mike, Micky, MIKEY…. which I DETEST because of the DAMN LIFE CEREAL commercials from the 70’s. I correct people ALL the time.

    I have often wanted to change my name completely … both actually because my last name get massacred. BUT when I wrote my first novel and had glorious plans to change it, I was told my so many people NOT TO, because it was so beautiful and unusual …. even with the common first name. “We love the name Michael!”

    You can’t even imagine how many time I hear it shouted, from exasperated mothers still today. I am ALWAYS turning around.

  14. Hey Suzi! I am Kassy (Cassie NOT Kaysee) and I’ve gotten the same thing my whole life. Misspellings, mispronunciations… but I love it anyway. In college I got into the habit of when the professor said Kassandra and I corrected them to Kassy I would say, “Kassy with a K and a Y.” People used to laugh like I was being picky, but it’s easier to say it the first time than to have to keep correcting them or look at your name misspelled forever. [/ramble] Nice to meet you!!

  15. I do have an uncommon name, although it’s not the name I use on my blog. It’s not uncommon in Europe, but I live in Canada. Then my parents made up the spelling just to make sure no one would ever understand it.

    I’ve grown to like it, but I’m a lot less patient as an adult with it being misspelled in e-mails or mis-pronounced repeatedly. It makes me feel like the person just can’t be bothered, since it’s not that difficult to say or spell after the initial surprise.

    Nice to meet you, Suzi!

  16. So, I’ve been hiding in my computer for the last two weeks and missed a ton! I didn’t even thing about it until I read your post, but my mom used to call me Suzi Q when I was little. No wonder I like your name!

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