Imaginary Friends Bloghop

Thank you to Annalisa Crawford and Kyra Lennon for hosting the Imaginary Friends Bloghop.
They want to know about your imaginary friend. What were they called? How old were you? Were they naughty or nice? If you didn’t have one, were there ever times when you could have used one? Did you ever set fire to your mum’s favorite rug and have to take the blame yourself?
I did not have any imaginary friends growing up, so I’ll share another story. I don’t remember how old I was when this happened, but I may have been in jr. high. Or around there somewhere.
One day, my mom smelled something funny in the bathroom. From the closet. A place where bad smells do not usually originate. So she looked and discovered a Ziploc bag with a piece of stinky fish. It had been frozen at one time, but not anymore.

Imagine this, except 3 days after the ice melted. 🙂

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Now it wasn’t me. And my older brother said it wasn’t him. And my dad said it wasn’t him. And my mom found it. And our dog couldn’t reach into the freezer and then drop the bag in the closet underneath some stuff.
Even years later, nobody will cop to putting it there.
So who did it?
Our house was new when we moved into it… so no ghosts. I blame my brother—maybe sleepwalking. He blames me. Can’t see either of my parents doing it—it’s not their type of humor. So maybe an imaginary friend?
To this day, it’s still a mystery.
How about you? Any imaginary friends?

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  1. Rachel Schieffelbein

    Oh that’s so funny! Weird. It’s always interesting the little family mysteries people have. 🙂

  2. Janeal

    Yuck! I can’t imagine what that must have smelled like- and don’t really want to 😛 Seriously weird. Makes a great story though!

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