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My newest acquisition

February 3, 2013 by Suzi

So I got two more signed books to add to my collection. Yay! I won’t go into a long explanation, but basically Kelley York donated some prizes for an auction to raise money for people the Sandy Hook tragedy. And I won.

So two of those many items she donated were signed copies of Suicide Watch —her recently released book, and Hollowed—her first paranormal novel. Both YA. I’ve read Hollowed a while back, but Suicide Watch is new. And I started reading it the day I got it. ‘They’ say the first page is so important and Suicide Watch has a first page that grabs your attention right away and makes you want to keep reading.

Kelley also included 2 signed bookmarks from her book Hushed—which I’ve read and loved too. So thank you, Kelley for everything.
My final Jan Plan update
So I had 2 goals I was trying to accomplish partcipating in for Christa Desir’s JanPlan. Goal #1 was to finish a few things in The Proper Way to Say Goodbye. Well technically I finished the things I’d planned at the time, but then I found lots more things to fix. So I’m gonna call it completed—at least what I wanted to finish when I first made the goals. #2 was to finish the rough draft of my NaNo project. Which I did. Time to let it sit for a bit now.
So I’ll call it successful.
Anybody do Christa’s Jan Plan?
Or, as I ask every time I do an I-got-a-new-signed-book post, do you have any signed books?

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  1. Yay for meeting your goals! I did the JanPlan too, and my goal was to finish a revision of my MS, which I did, so I’m happy :)

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