A To Z Anyone?

A to Z Blog Challenge is coming soon. Have you signed up?
For anyone who doesn’t know, the A to Z challenge is to write a blog post for 26 days, every day in April, minus Sundays. Click on the A to Z badge above to go to the website.
This is my first time. But last year, I was following people who were posting, and it was a lot of work to keep up with everybody. But I saw a lot of fun blog posts.
You can do a theme or anything you want. It just has to follow the letter of that day.
I hadn’t planned on doing A to Z, but right before NaNo, I got this idea. And actually got started on it. Cause no way could I leave it till right before. And my idea came around Halloween time when I was watching lots of horror movies. So hence, my theme. (I am a fan of horror movies. I haven’t watched them as much lately, but used to all the time in my younger years.)
So I haven’t checked, but I think I’m about 75% of the way through the alphabet. With 1½ months left, I think I’ll make it.
As of yesterday, there were 640 people signed up. I don’t remember exactly what last year’s count was, but it seems to me it was in the thousands. So a lot of people do it.
And now I’m kinda looking forward to my first one.
So for anybody else who has done/is doing A to Z. How far out to do start planning/writing? Or do you wing it? And how many A to Z’s have you participated in? Was it hard to find a theme?

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  1. Melodie

    I participated last year and got my posts ready by March. I didn’t have a theme but it was fun anyway.
    I won’t be doing it this year – too much else going on. Have a great time!

  2. I started planning around New Year’s. I have half my posts done already.

    Last year was my first time and it wasn’t too bad, but I learned to plan ahead. I don’t want to get overwhelmed figuring out posts last minute.

  3. I was trying to decide whether to give this one a try. Like you, I saw lots of people doing it last year. But . . . My contrary nature makes me want to not do what everyone else is doing, either. Hrm.

  4. Rachel Schieffelbein

    Ooh, that sounds like a fun theme! My husband loves horror movies. I’ll have to see if he knows all the ones you post. 🙂

  5. This will be my second year doing the A to Z. Last year, I had no theme, and I didn’t prepare. I won’t be doing it that way again! LOL
    This time, I have my theme picked out and my list almost complete, but I still need to fill in three more letters and write out my posts.

    I’m excited to visit your blog! I love horror movies!!!

  6. I had so much fun doing A-Z last year, but I don’t think I can pull it off this year. I hate when I sign up and can’t commit, so I’m not committing. 🙁 It’s kind of sad though. Hopefully next year, I’ll have found more balance and I can participate. It’s such a fun thing to be a part of!

  7. I didn’t do it last year, though I enjoyed reading people’s posts. And I probably won’t this year either, just for the sake of not-enough-time! But I love to read the posts!! 😀

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