Goodbye Archie

Did you read Archie Comics when they were younger?

I did. Like all the time. Even into high school and college. I loved Archie, Betty and Veronica, Jughead, Reggie and the whole gang, and bought a lot of Archie Comics. Both the small book-like Digests and the typical comic book sized ones.
I had over 150 of the Digest sized comics. And maybe about 80 regular sized ones. I even got into buying 1st editions. Not really old ones, but the ones from the late 80s and early 90s.
The only annoying thing was, because I read them so often, I started to see stories repeated. And I felt ripped off because I was paying money for a story I’d already read.
So not long ago I put up my collection on Ebay. I’d looked into local comic book stores, but they were not interested. So Ebay was the place to go. Sold them in 3 lots. And was pretty stunned to make about $140 total. I was quite pleased.
I haven’t sold my full-sized Archies yet, but they’re next on my Ebay list.
I have a few other comics, Josie and the PussyCats, Richie Rich, even an Annie comic. They’re fun to look at, and even though I tend to be a saver, it was time to get rid of them.
So goodbye Archie. I’ll miss you, but not the space you took up.
Did you read any comics growing up? Or do you now?

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  1. I had a zillion Archies, but I think most of them got ruined in a freak hailstorm that destroyed much of our house at the time. I also had lots of X-Men classic, and (stupidly) gave them away to my cousin. I’d really like to have those back! Comic books were the best.

  2. The only comic I ever had, and don’t judge me, was Beavis and Butthead. I remember going to the comic book store with my brother and they were the only characters I knew. This does not reflect my parents parenting I swear lol. And I remember we had a road trip to New Hampshire and I was all excited to bring my comic book with me and I spilled an entire Slurpie on it and had to throw it out. Never had another comic lol.

  3. I read Archie comics all the time! My sister and I had a huge collection. I think some of the digests might be down in my basement right now. Good memories!

  4. Okay… I don’t think I’ve actually ever read a comic “book.” But I loved to read the comics in the newspaper all the time. I really liked Archie and the gang (or did I watch them on tv?) And I like Calvin and Hobbs.

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