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Today I get to be a stop on Elizabeth Arroyo’s blog tour for her newly released The Second Sign. Elizabeth has been very involved with helping her community, and now she is going to talk about working with teens.
Take it away Elizabeth.

I’ve worked in the community with families and youth for about ten years. It takes a certain…skill-set to work with teens. Here’s a few I learned from the school of hard knocks (the upside-the-head kind).
• Do NOT assume anything. Assumptions makes an ASS out of U and ME as my brother-in-law so eloquently puts it. Never Assume.
• You will always be “them” in the “us” vs “them” equation. Unless you’re seventeen in this time, in this generation, that statement is correct whether you want to believe it or not. Yeah, I’ve been there, done that, but that was then this is now…a totally different ballgame.
• Listen. Just Listen.
• Don’t be afraid to be who you are. I’ve met adults who say they’d like to help but they’ve never experience poverty or violence and I tell them…great, when can you come out? Kids need to hear all types of experiences. I knew this counselor who worked hard every year to get funding for a skiing trip for a group of youth. I’m thinking…huh? These kids need school uniforms, food, school supplies and you’re spending hundreds of dollars on a ski trip? It took me a while to understand that this guy was providing them with much more than clothes and school supplies. He was providing them with hope. With a look at the world outside their four corners. Think outside the box.
• Don’t give up on them. That kid who’s slouching, rolling his eyes at you as you talk about the creative art of writing IS listening. I helped organize a youth event where teens were able to talk to professionals in various career fields. During the evaluation 99% noted that it was the first time they’ve ever talked to a professional and they wanted more time.

About Elizabeth:
Elizabeth has worked in the community for the bulk of her professional career. She enjoys quiet moments, action flicks, and dancing with her four-year-old. THE SECOND SIGN is her debut novel. You can find more information about Elizabeth at:
You can find her at Website | Blog | Twitter

Dark YA Paranormal Romance
Sapphire Star Publishing

Bred to believe in the war between angels and demons, Gabby has come to the conclusion that love is responsible for war, jealousy, and all the other deadly sins she can think of. So when she’s exiled to the middle of nowhere for getting kicked out of her fifth school for fighting, she doesn’t expect to meet Jake. Much less fall in love. But Jake is quickly drawn to the eerie beauty of her violet eyes while Gabby is unsettled by their undeniable connection.

When a demon guardian comes to collect her soul, she refuses to give it up. She’s not a demon. She can’t be. Her father and twin brother are angels. The demon gives Gabby twenty-four hours to decide her allegiance, and then starts killing her short list of friends, leaving a message behind: She is the Second Sign.

As Gabby and Jake begin to unravel the mystery behind the Second Sign, she learns Jake may be the key to saving her soul. But it means a sacrifice has to be made that will change their lives forever.

The Second Sign

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