Sloppy Writing 101.50

MADE is one of those words that can often be replaced by something better, more descriptive. So I went and checked The Proper Way to Say Goodbye for my MADEs and made lots of changes.
-Sasha made introductions, but the names didn’t stick.
Why am I using made introductions when I can just use introduced?
-His words made me cringe.
Again, why not just use I cringed. I did this several times, where something made her verb. Not only is it not a great word, it’s Telling.
-We made our way down the less crowded hallway, and I tried to think of something to ask her. Made our way—how boring and blah. In this case ambled fit how they were walking, so that’s what I used.
-“Get a haircut,” she’d tell him, unable to understand her nagging made him grow it longer?
Instead of made, I used encouraged. A better word.
-Being a shrink made him an expert in interrogation techniques.
Qualified was much stronger.
-Made a proper knot.
He actually tied a proper knot, so why not use that.
So you can see that I was using MADE several different ways, and many times I found a much better word. I deleted almost 40 MADES in all, not so bad. Do you use made or make a lot?

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