Coincidence Or Sign – Part 3

Since I started writing, I’ve stumbled into these weird coincidences between life and my reading/writing. Coincidences that make me go—whoa, did that really just happen?
I’m not a superstitious person, but I would like to think it’s a sign.
Unfortunately, nothing’s happened with my novels yet. But maybe this sign thing is on a little delay. The good thing this sign was hinting at might not come for years. Who knows.
Whether it’s a sign or not, I still find these coincidences interesting. Hopefully you will too. This one was probably my first and happened May 2010. (Yes, I’ve been waiting that long to share this story.) So without further ado…
I was working on a story that had a character who becomes addicted to crack, so of course, I was reading books about crack addicts. One was a memoir by William Moyers (son of PBS’ Bill Moyers) William got addicted to crack and ended up at the Hazeldon treatment facility (several times).
All I knew of Hazeldon before reading of this book, was that it’s located in the Twin Cities area (that would be Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN & suburbs for those who don’t know), and that sometimes famous people go there for treatment. That’s it.
So I was probably about halfway through the book, and he’d already been at Hazeldon at that point.
My father and I had this training session in Arden Hills, MN, which is in the north central part of the Twin Cities. (You probably didn’t know that I am certified to do pollution prevention plans in Minnesota—but I am—and that’s what the class was for.) We ended up staying with my aunt/uncle who live on the MN/WI border. Unfortunately it was a long drive—about 45 minutes to get to the class.
Instead of going to the interstate, Dad took a highway through the northeast side of the Twin Cities, passing through lots of little towns. We’re driving along and I look up to see a street sign.
Pleasant Valley Road. Hmmm. That sounds familiar-why? Because I haven’t been up in this area—like never.
Then I see it… a sign for Hazeldon. I was dumbfounded. Here I was reading a book that took place at Hazeldon, a place I knew almost nothing of, except by name, and now I was driving right by the facility.
Coincidence. Or sign? Either way, it’s very strange.
So that was actually my first coincidence. Now that novel is the 3rd one I wrote, and it’s been temporarily shelved along with the other 5 companion novels cause I got interested in YA. But I’ll go back to it someday. And make lots of fixes, because it’s probably pretty crappy. (The whole I sucked at writing until just recently thing cause I didn’t know a damn thing about writing back then.)
So, any coincidences with your writing life ever happen? Do you believe in signs?

In case you’re interested in seeing the first two coincidences/signs.
Here they are: Part 1 and Part 2.

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  1. Jay

    Somehow, I am always surprised when someone I “know” on the internet has some connections to the place I live. Are you still in MN??? (I’m in the Eagan area).

    Also, that’s creepy in a cool way.

  2. I find coincidences all the time. So often, I’m writing something and it comes up in the news or I stumble across it in real life. The weirdest one was referencing a famous painting in the opening to my novel and then finding out one of the original versions was about to be sold for the first time ever just a few weeks later, so it was all over the news. But there have been tonnes of others. I’m never sure if it’s spooky or whether I wouldn’t have noticed if I hadn’t been writing about it in the first place!

  3. This is very cool Suzi. I’d like to pretend that I’m not superstitious, but I totally am. Not about everything, but for certain things. I just can’t help it! AH!
    And that is a very cool sign/coincidence – however you want to look at it. 🙂

  4. I totally believe in signs, Suzi. I also believe in Deja Vu…

    During my first whirlwind tour of Europe I had deka vu ALL THE TIME. I was freaky. I had been to many of those places before. And I am not talking like the big cities. I am talking obscure town dotting along the French and Italian Riviera’s, towns along the Rhine River in Germany, Munich Germany, Salzburg and Vienna Austria.

    Keep on believing in the signs. We all have some degree of psychic ability. What it comes down to is how much you allow yourself to feel.

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