Whoops, Did It Again

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When I’m writing, there are those words that I always seem to type wrong. That I can never spell right the first time. And luckily Word tells me it’s wrong. And most of the time, Word knows how to spell—because Word is so darn smart.
It’s annoying as hell because I really know how to spell them right. And when I think about it, I can get them. But for some reasons my brain doesn’t connect to my fingers.
So here are a few of those words that trip me up.
-Nown (noun—as a writer I should automatically get this right, but sadly, I don’t.)
-Awknowledge (acknowledge)
-Ackward (awkward—why do I always get these two backwards?)
-Liscense (license)
And sometimes when I’m typing a word, the wrong one will come out.
-Change (chance)
-One (on—many times I’ll add the e to on. I don’t know why.)
And of course this happens with punctuation.
Question marks. So many times I forget the question mark. I know it’s a question, but I put a period there.
It’s frustrating, but there’s nothing I can do about it.
Does anybody else do this? Or is it just me?

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  1. It happens to me all the time when I start typing a word, and a completely different word with a similar sound will come out, even if they have really different spellings. It’s like I’m a faulty speech-to-text program.

  2. I mis-type all the time (and ironically, I’ve had to correct three typos in this comment already!) I taught myself to touch type so I can type fast and fairly accurately. But I still have things that get me – all it means is that I make my mistakes faster (and am looking at the screen when I make them)! If a word starts with t, I often type it at the end of the previous word instead – seems like I can’t cope with hitting space BEFORE a t!

  3. Janeal

    Always doing this. Check instead of cheek, except instead of expect. The question mark thing, too. It’s like the muscle memory overrides my knowing the correct way to do something. Frustrating, but at least when I figure out what they are, it’s easy to go back and correct.

  4. License, embarrassing, and some others I can’t remember right now. The question marks get me, too. What I really hate is those small words we all know how to spell, but one day they just don’t look right. It’s so bizarre to look at a simple word and think “Is that right? It looks so wrong!”

  5. Rachel Schieffelbein

    I totally do this, too. Another one for me is adding a ‘g’ to anythinig that ends in ‘in.’ 😉

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