Won’t You Be My Neighbor

The other day Jolene Perry mentioned in a blog post about how when she ends up on the B&N bookshelves, she’ll be sitting close to Perkins, Stephanie. Great placement.

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I’m like, hmmm, I never thought about that. Who would I be next to on the Barnes and Noble bookshelves?
And so very conveniently, I was going there in a few days and could look.
So here are my neighbors if I was on the B&N bookshelf.
Slice of Cherry Dia Reeves and Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children Ransom Riggs.
I think that’s pretty good. I haven’t read either, but know of them and have them on my TBR list.
As of now, I assume I will use my current name. But in case I happen to go back to my maiden name for a pen name, I checked that out also. And these would be my neighbors.
Where Things Come Back John Corey Whaley and Clash Nicole Williams
And one book down was Carol Lynch Williams, whose books I really like. So that was kind of cool too. I don’t know much about the other two, but the John Corey Whaley book was an award winner.
So those would be my neighbors. Have you ever thought about or looked up who your neighbors on the bookshelf are?

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  1. When my first book, Dunnottar, came out I was still living in Grand Forks. I went into BDaltons in the mall and there I was, on the shelf, right between Bertrice Small and Danielle Steele! I told Ivan (he was still living then) that I finally found out what the advantage was to marrying a Smith!

  2. I guess I’d be up next to Iain Banks who is one of the most popular British writers of the last couple of decades over here! So that might work in my favour. I’ve been told I’m lucky to have (married into) a name which is so high up the alphabet, but I don’t know how much that really matters.

  3. wow, just thinking about being on a bookstore shelf is mindblowing! i dont like being on the low end of the alphabet, but it is my lot (and apparently yours too!)

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