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Last October after watching all the movies on TV before Halloween, I got the idea to do an A to Z on horror movies. I also have a story premise in the back of my head involving horror movies, so this fits into my research for that. So I’m going to talk about random horror movies.
First, I am no film critic, just a person who likes horror movies. And second, some of the posts may contain spoilers. So you have been warned.

The Girl Next Door (2007)
IMDb Summary: Based on the Jack Ketchum novel of the same name, The Girl Next Door follows the unspeakable torture and abuses committed on a teenage girl in the care of her aunt…and the boys who witness and fail to report the crime.
Cheese factor: Low
Gore factor: Low
Creep factor: Low
Could it happen? Yes
I debated whether or not to include this one. It’s labeled a crime/drama/horror, but it’s not like a typical horror movie. Meaning it could very easily be real. It’s based on a true story of a girl who was murdered in the 60s. The author wrote a novel by the same name, and it’s not a retelling of the true events, but it is similar. So this movie is a work of fiction, but a few parts were still hard to watch.
And I have to admit, this is probably the first horror movie I ever cried at. Again, because it could be so real.
It wasn’t graphic, you didn’t see all what was happening, but you knew. The poor teenage girl was raped and tortured. And the sad thing was, not just by the woman who the girl lived with, but also by the woman’s kids and some neighborhood kids.
I’ve watched some graphic horror movies, but when those acts are committed, sometimes shown, it doesn’t feel real. This was real, and towards the end there was a huge jaw dropping moment. One that shocked me even. To imagine the pain a person would go through. So the scary thing about this movie is that it could happen. It maybe has happened. People are raped and tortured all over the world, whether it’s because of radical religions and governments or serial killers.
I haven’t seen many movies where kids (younger than teens) are involved in such sadistic scenes/acts of terror. But as a parent, I would’ve never let my kids be involved in the making of such a film. Even if the younger kids were not around for the most horrifying parts, I’d imagine they’d want to see the final product. And I can see it traumatizing some kids.
This is definitely not a movie for people who can’t handle grotesque violence.
Have you seen it?

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  1. I haven’t seen this one. But I think it’s because I overheard someone else saying the same thing as you and I’m a little leary. You know I love horror and can handle zombie, sci-fi, and even very graphic movies… but not sure if this is something I can do… we will see.
    Dani @ Entertaining Interests

  2. For some reason, I thought the girl next door was an ashton kutcher movie, lol. Then I looked it up and it was the boss’s daughter I was thinking of, lol. I haven’t heard of this one. Sounds a little like Disturbia.

  3. I read somewhere that one in every four Hollywood movies has a rape scene in it. I’d like to get away from movies (based on true events or not) whose premise is the rape and murder of girls and women. Thanks for sharing – Just visiting today from the A-Z Challenge Juliet atCity Muse Country Muse Come visit us and sign up to follow if you like what you see!

  4. I haven’t seen it and I probably won’t. Some scenes – unfortunately – stay with me. I remember seeing An Eye for an Eye with Kiefer Sutherland and Sally Field a long time ago and there’s a scene in the beginning that I literally turned away from, it affected me so much.

  5. There’s no way on earth I’d be able to watch this. After I gave birth to my son in 1995, I’ve not been able to watch films, TV shows, or read books in which violence is committed against children. Gah. Thanks for the warning!

  6. I haven’t seen it (and dont’ think I want to) but I do find that inhuman crimes are often far more frightening than the boogey man stuff. You see a monster coming; you run. You see Ted Bundy coming and you wish you had run before it’s too late. The latter is real and like you said, all the more frightening because of it.

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