A To Z – Kill Theory

Last October after watching all the movies on TV before Halloween, I got the idea to do an A to Z on horror movies. I also have a story premise in the back of my head involving horror movies, so this fits into my research for that. So I’m going to talk about random horror movies.
First, I am no film critic, just a person who likes horror movies. And second, some of the posts may contain spoilers. So you have been warned.

Kill Theory (2009)
IMDb Summary: Whilst celebrating a graduation at a secluded vacation home, a group of college students find themselves targeted by a sadistic killer who forces them to play a deadly game of killing one another in order to survive.
Cheese factor: Low
Gore factor: Medium
Creep factor: High
Could it happen? Yes
This movie was sort of a modern day Hunger Games. A psycho just out of prison gives a group of college co-eds a choice. Everybody but one must be dead before the morning or else the whole group dies. So murder or be murdered.
Of course they’re 50 miles away from civilization, and the psycho took care of all escape routes. He kills a couple as examples, and then he lets the carnage begin.
So you’ve got some good guys who think they should wait until morning and others who want to be that last person. There was an interesting love triangle scene. Down to three people. Hot guy. Girlfriend of hot guy. And ex-girlfriend of hot guy who’s still obsessed with hot guy. And both girls have guns. Bang, bang goes the gun.
This blank space contains a spoiler which I don’t want to reveal, so if you want to read it, select it with your cursor and the text will show up.

And then hot guy shoots a fourth girl still left, thinking she was the killer. Whoops. I really like hot guy though cause in the end, after his girlfriend tried to kill him, he gave up his life so that ex-girlfriend could live.

I enjoyed this movie because it wasn’t just another slasher film. It brought up a good moral question. What would you do in that situation? Would you kill the others? Would you kill yourself so a loved one would live?
I won’t reveal the last spoiler either, why the psycho did this, but he had an interesting reason. One that I didn’t guess—it was revealed at the end. And you’re like a-ha, the psycho is right. He had a good point. Of course he didn’t need to murder a bunch of people to prove it.
I would definitely recommend this movie. My only question is this: If a psycho said you had to fight till the death, and he’d let the last one go free, would you really trust him?

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  1. I don’t remember hearing about this but it sounds pretty good. I tend to like more of the psychological horror type movies. And the Gore Factor doesn’t seem too bad – some is okay, but I don’t care for too much gore. 🙂

  2. Wow that does bring up some impossible questions to ponder. Knowing me, I would rally the troupes and spend all night hunting the prick. He kills us come morning, well, at least I tried to find him.


  3. I think I’d find it pretty hard to trust him. I’d hate to be in that situation! LOL

    I’m going to check this one out. It sounds good.

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