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Last October after watching all the movies on TV before Halloween, I got the idea to do an A to Z on horror movies. I also have a story premise in the back of my head involving horror movies, so this fits into my research for that. So I’m going to talk about random horror movies.
First, I am no film critic, just a person who likes horror movies. And second, some of the posts may contain spoilers. So you have been warned.

Yoga (2009)
IMDb Summary: None
My little summary: a woman goes to an exclusive yoga studio to put her life on a better track and weird stuff starts to happen. (Great summary huh. You’d never guess I was a writer from that example.)
Cheese factor: Low
Gore factor: Low
Creep factor: Low
Could it happen? No
So did you catch the title of this one? Not very original or exciting, huh? There’s a reason. And I didn’t figure it out until I started watching the movie because I missed a few key words on the case.
This is a Korean file with… subtitles.
Unfortunately you lose some of the creep factor due to translating those subtitles. And I had a hard time keeping track of names and people because I’m not familiar with Korean names. And several of the girls looked the same. A few were varied. One with bangs. One with wavy locks. One with short hair. But the majority of women were all pretty, skinny and with long black hair.
Subtitles are interesting of course. The words they chose. I got a kick out of a few lines. (These are not exact quotes cause I didn’t rewind to get them.)
• I was wearing you out all this time.
This was said by a guy to his girlfriend when she was telling him she needed a break. I’m not quite getting the connection. And he wasn’t talking sex.
• Why is your phone dead?
This was said by the boyfriend to his girl, as she’s talking on said phone. Obviously it’s not dead, he’s talking to her.
• You’re a free loading bum.
Said by one girl to another. Second girl is apparently in a band only cause she’s pretty. And she can’t sing. So the whole band is carrying her weight. That one made me laugh.
All in all, it was okay. Would’ve been better if I didn’t have to rely on subtitles. Oh well.
So you ever see any good Korean films lately?

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  1. I have watch subtitled films but not sure if they were specifically Korean or not. I would have to do some research. The cover looks strange.

  2. I almost want to see this. I do enjoy subtitles because of course translators have to work around idioms and kind of find the closest possible example from one language to the next, and it can be very funny what they come up with.

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