My Fate For Yours

Have you seen the cover for Jolene Perry and Steph Campbell’s newest collaboration? They started with a terrific story called MY HEART FOR YOURS. (A must read. And I have a copy signed by Steph, so now I have to get Jo to sign it when I get the chance to meet her.)
Anyways… They decided to write the story of Eamon, the brother of one of the characters from MHFY. And I can’t wait to read this because I’m one of those people who wanted to know more about him. I love these companion novels and learning more about the supporting characters from the first novel. So I am waiting (im)patiently for this one.
A secret love.
A life lost too soon.
A destiny reversed.
You’ve met Tobin & Delia.
This is Eamon’s story…
The prequel to My Heart for Yours.

Expected release: July 15, 2013
And here is where you can find out more about these two awesome writers and their plethora of awesome books.
Jolene Perry | Steph Campbell

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