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Cool writer friends I want to meet
I’m really excited because next week I get to meet some very cool ladies at a writing retreat. I kinda feel weird telling non-writing people that hey, I’m going to spend the weekend at a house in a little town with a bunch of people (women) I’ve never met, but even though we haven’t met, I consider them my friends.
So then it’s like, will they like me? Will they think I’m weird? Will they totally delete me from their e-mail, Twitter and Facebook accounts after they get home from this weekend?
Okay, I’m sure they won’t do that, because they’re all great ladies. 🙂 But it’ll be fun to see how different people are from their online personalities. Not because they’re misrepresentating themselves, but some people may seem really chatty online, but are quiet in person.
So there are so many writers I’d love to meet, and if I ever end up in their towns, I definitely want to look them up. People like:
Dani, who has the guts to get tattoos, piercings and major hair dye jobs. (Because obviously I’m too chicken for that stuff. :))
Jade Hart, who has had an amazing life of travel to places I’ll probably never get, and I’d love to hear her stories.
Lara Schiffbauer because she posts the best funny Friday photos, and she doesn’t mind my rambling e-mails.
Chloe Banks, who not only writes novels but has been successful writing short stories.
Mark Koopmans, dad extraordinaire who writes the funniest blog posts.
Eileen Cook, whose blog posts always make me laugh.
Christa Desir, whose passion about her writing and those issues she cares about is inspiring.
Dahlia Adler, who not only is a wealth of publishing information, but also writes the best tweets.
Lynne Schmidt, who has been through a lot of crap, but keeps fighting and is so open about it.
Jolene Perry, who is just the most awesome person ever.
Kelley Lynn, who is an engineer like me. 🙂
Amy Sonnichsen, who has lived in Hong Kong and Northern China, and it’d be so fun to hear more about that.
Stacy Stokes, who was the very first person who beta read for me and who I beta-ed for. (And now that book is going to be published!)
So that’s just a few. There are so many others I didn’t list here because this post would get too long, and hopefully we’ll hook up at conferences or retreats, or if I just happen to be in your neighborhood. (Um, and I live in North Dakota if anyone ever happens to travel my way. 🙂 ) Anyways, this writing community is terrific and I’m so glad to get to know all of you.
Have you gotten to meet any of your online writer friends?

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  1. I will be so impressed if you ever end up in my town (rural south-west England with less than 2000 people in it) – but if you do, you’re welcome to stay. I’m sure I won’t delete you from my twitter afterwards – 90% – not 80% certain 😉

    I met one of my blogging friends last year and it was really cool. He was driving to a holiday home and was going within 10 miles of my town so detoured to meet me. He thought I was much more shy than I appear online – probably true!

  2. I always wonder what it would be like to meet writer friends face to face! I’d likely be so worried about whether or not they’d like me, that I wouldn’t be able to be myself. I hope you enjoy your weekend! Sounds like a wonderful getaway!

  3. I’ve met one fellow blogger at a writer’s conference! Luckily, we live in the same town, lol. I get to also meet my CP in Arizona this August! I’m so excited about that! I’m sure your writer retreat will be AMAZING!! Have fun!

  4. Rachel Schieffelbein

    I’m excited to meet people, too! I always worry I don’t present myself well online, (like I’m kind of boring.) I think I’m more interesting in person, once I warm up, but probably also more annoying! 😉

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