A Writers’ Retreat

Last weekend I went on my first writers’ retreat. It was just so much fun, and yes, I got a lot of writing (actually editing) done, but more importantly I finally got to meet (in person) so many terrific ladies: Rachel, who put the whole weekend together, Theresa, who drove all the way from New York City to Minnesota with Cassie Mae, Jessica, who along with Rachel lives within a reasonable driving distance so there’s a good chance I’ll see her at a conference or something sometime, and Mandy, who I’d never met before, but who gave us some terrific insight on being an editor.
One other very important thing we did that weekend was to learn how to pronounce everybody’s last names, because a few of us have names that could be pronounced multiple ways. For instance, none of us knew how to say Rachel Schieffelbein’s name. Now I know, (shuffle-bine), thanks to the suggestion (sorry, I can’t remember whose) of linking it to shuffleboard.
So you know how we (society) complain about teens today and how they’re so immersed in the digital age they don’t know how to have regular conversations? Well it’s kind of funny to be sitting in the same room with someone and talking through e-mail or Twitter or Facebook and not saying a word to them aloud.
Now I wouldn’t do that that all the time, but trust me, we got plenty of regular talking in too.
And it was so nice not to listen to any children complain that I was on the computer too long. Or hear the line, well if you’re on the computer I can play my video games too. You know, cause to children, everything should be equal and it doesn’t matter that you’re an adult and they’re a child.
But that’s a totally different post.
And I never got a sore butt even though I was sitting on it most of the day. Must’ve been the comfy couch.
Anyways, I wish I could’ve extended the weekend, but alas, everybody had to go home, and well… it wasn’t my house. And now I can’t wait to see everybody again, and I hope we can make this a yearly thing.
Have you ever done the writers’ retreat thing?

3 Responses

  1. Haha. I remember my CP group talking to each other via twitter on our first writers retreat while sitting in the same room. So fun. 🙂

  2. Have never done a retreat as you describe. I’ve been to conventions, and I’ve gone off on solo retreats to get some work done away from the kids. Not sure if I could write with others around . . . Usually I need the house to be empty in order to truly focus. So while I think it would be super fun to get together with other writers, I doubt I’d get much writing accomplished.

  3. Rachel Schieffelbein

    It was so fun! It has to be an annual event. I was so glad everyone could come. 🙂

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